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Program Information

The Photography program at SUNY New Paltz engages its students in critical discourse to develop their artistic vision and conceptual and technical foundation in a vibrant environment. We foster deep and inquisitive creative research as the basis of a personal and precise visual language. As a result, students are empowered to position themselves through their photographic practice as agents of innovation within a continually shifting cultural environment. 

Students have the opportunity to study advanced techniques in digital imaging and printing, black & white darkroom processes, large-format view camera photography, video, and studio lighting in our state-of-the-art facilities. 

Degrees offered include a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and a Master of Fine Arts with a specialization in Photography and Related Media. Bachelor of Science students, as well as students minoring in Art Studio, have the opportunity to focus their studies in photography by taking multiple photo classes. 

Student Learning Outcomes

By the time they graduate, our students will: 

  • Demonstrate hands-on skills in the expanded medium of photography. 
  • Expand their knowledge of diverse histories and contemporary practices in art and photography. 
  • Demonstrate their understanding of art works as they relate to their social, political, cultural, aesthetic, and historical contexts. 
  • Develop and articulate self-reflective practices as artists, thinkers, and citizens.
  • Create collaboration and engagement with local and global art and learning communities.
  • Build professional networks to support lifelong learning and sustainable practices. 

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