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Program Information

What is the future you wish to sculpt? The Sculpture program equips students with an expansive toolkit of technical, conceptual, and professional skills to craft sustainable lives and careers. In sculpture, everything is art materials. We encourage students to explore the expansive breadth of materials and approaches inherent within the field of contemporary sculpture. Courses in installation art, digital fabrication, site-specific and socially-engaged sculpture, casting/moldmaking, welding/metal fabrication, electronics and kinetics, sound, public and eco-art, performance art, and material explorations offer students the opportunity to widen their creative practice.

Students may deepen their professional skills through teaching and graduate assistantship opportunities at the college and through abundant internships and fieldwork opportunities both in the Hudson Valley and nearby New York City. The sculpture faculty offer an interdisciplinary, regenerative, and community-oriented approach, engaging students in inquisitive creative research, critical dialogue and experiential processes to foster their conceptual development, artistic vision, and professional portfolios. We invite you to join our creative community of curious thinkers and bold makers to sculpt the future with us.


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