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Undergraduate: Curriculum

Sculpture Program Overview - BFA

Wood, plaster, metal, clay, foam, drywall, light, sound, video, electric pulses, time, motors, gears, gorilla projections, robots, whispers, the body, water, sensors, fake grass, data, sugar, fat, resin, fire, lint, memory, cereal, social institutions: all these make up a list of potential materials used by sculptors today.

The objective of the BFA program is to provide an environment where there is a dialogue about materials, form, and ideas. The Sculpture program provides a challenging  and environment for the student's conceptual, technical, and professional development. The curriculum explores ideas and techniques that range from the traditional to the experimental, including time-based forms and extended media.

In the basic and intermediate level classes, working methodologies such as modeling, forming, construction, and assemblage are introduced. Questions are posed to solicit an investigation of material, process, and form as they relate to idea and to encourage experimentation and independent initiatives. It is important for the student to realize that one cannot separate idea from form, nor form from identity, culture, and historical or critical contexts. The course Contemporary Ideas in Sculpture reinforces this emphasis by providing students with a foundation of critical theory as it relates to sculpture.

Intermediate classes expose students to the genealogy of forms through which sculpture is understood and foster variations in this visual language. Further refined investigations are expected at the advanced level. Thematic, topical issues and nontraditional formats are emphasized as students proceed through advanced classes and Senior Studio. The course, Artist Survival Skills, provides practical business survival strategies for artists as they embark on their professional career paths. At advanced levels, self scrutiny and consideration of historical and contemporary issues in the field are required as students seek to express their personal voices while developing a refined thesis body of work.


As a proud member of the State University of New York system, SUNY New Paltz is dedicated to providing a high quality, accessible education. Tuition is affordable, among the lowest in the country, and there are ample opportunities for financial assistance. Our BFA students are frequent recipients of scholarships, fellowships, internships, and SURE and AYURE research grants.


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BFA Plan of Study (PDF)


Please feel free to contact the Sculpture faculty if you have further questions about the MFA Sculpture program.

Steven Bradford

Associate Professor of Art

SUNY New Paltz Sculpture Program



Emily Puthoff

Associate Professor of Art

SUNY New Paltz Sculpture Program



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