Academic Program Planning

Revision Development Phase

Development of the major revision paperwork may move quickly or slowly, depending upon things such as the complexity of the revision, the number of new/revised courses associated with the revision, the degree of interdisciplinary negotiation involved, and other factors.   

BEGIN by meeting with APLI staff who will:

  • Provide an overview of the process, including checklists, timelines, and relevant forms. 
  • Give you access to the Curricular Tracking SharePoint site (currently only available for GR proposals) where you will have access to: 
    • Curricular Tracking Tutorials
    • Curricular Tracking at-a-Glance Status Reports
    • Links to drafts of the appropriate curricular forms for your proposal  
  • Pre-fill documents where possible or provide samples where pre-filling is not possible. 
  • Assist the Program Lead in any necessary revision of codes such as SED, HEGIS, and CIP 
  • Offer guidance as needed for identifying any appropriate/available course numbers. 
  • Provide a review for spelling, grammar, formatting, content, and compliance with New Paltz, SUNY, and NYSED expectations. 
  • Help you initiate the Internal Review Phase.