Academic Program Planning

External Review Phase

Program revisions do not require Program Announcements or external evaluation.   

For both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs, once all internal approvals have been made and APLI has made a thorough review of the New Program Proposal documents, APLI will obtain the President’s approval, and forward the complete New Program Proposal Packet for External Review by SUNY. 

SUNY Review

SUNY System will review the proposal.  They may request more information (including revisions), disapprove, or approve the proposal. SUNY System review may take two months. If SUNY System approves the proposal, they will forward the packet to NYSED (New York State Education Department) for review.

NYSED (and OP) Review

NYSED, likewise, may request more information, disapprove, or approve the proposal.  If applicable, the Office of the Professions (OP) may also review the proposal. NYSED review may take two months. 

Program Registration

If NYSED approves the program, they will notify APLI that the program has been approved and they will add it to the Inventory of Registered Programs. We are now ready to launch the program.