Academic Program Planning

Getting Started

What is a "Major" Revision?

  • Changing more than 30% of the curriculum
  • Changing the program's focus or design
  • Adding/eliminating disciplinary tracks
  • Eliminating a requirement for program completion(e.g., culminating assessment like internship, clinical placement, etc.).
  • Changing the program's mode of delivery by offering more than 50% of the program via distance
  • Changing the name of a program

Talk to Your Academic Dean

Any major program revision requires the support and input of the Academic Dean(s).  Your very first step in revising an existing program is to visit with your Academic Dean(s).

Schedule a Meeting with APLI

Once you have the support of your Academic Dean(s), schedule a meeting with Academic Planning & Learning Innovation (APLI).  They can confirm for you whether the revision is a Major Revision or a Minor Revision, and they will point you to the correct paperwork, pre-filling some content as possible.

EMSI/Lightcast Report and Pre-proposal Approval Document

An EMSI/Lightcase Report and Pre-proposal Approval Document probably are not necessary, but depending on the nature of a Major Program revision, it might be advisable to include this step.  APLI will help you make that determination.

Important Links

Program Revision Paperwork

APLI will assist you in developing the revision proposal and navigating the approval processes.  Follow the guidance for either Graduate or Undergraduate Program Proposals as appropriate. Either way, the phases for Major Programs revisions include:

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 Program Proposals: Program Development  Internal Review  External Review  Launch