Academic Program Planning

Getting Started

Talk to your Academic Dean

Academic Deans should be involved from the beginning in any discussions and development of new academic program proposals.

Schedule a Meeting with APLI

Before starting a new program proposal, whether it is Graduate or Undergraduate, schedule a meeting with Academic Planning & Learning Innovation (APLI).

EMSI/Lightcast Report and Pre-proposal Approval Document

APLI can answer questions about the program proposal process and help you complete an EMSI Report Request.  EMSI/Lightcast is a SUNY vendor used to gather information about competitor programs and labor market demand.  APLI will submit your EMSI Report Request to SUNY on your behalf.  Once you have received the EMSI/Lightcast report, APLI will help you identify salient information from that report and then help you prepare a Pre-proposal Approval Document.  Either APLI or the Academic Dean may submit the Cabinet Briefing Document to the Provost and the Provost will determine whether it is ready to go to Cabinet for consideration. 

Program Proposal Paperwork

Once you have cabinet support for the program idea, then you can begin work on the program proposal.  APLI can assist you in developing the proposal and navigating the approval processes.  Follow the guidance for either Graduate or Undergraduate Program Proposals as appropriate.  Either way, the phases include:

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Program Proposals: Program Development  Internal Review  External Review  Launch