Academic Program Planning

Getting Started

Minor Program Revisions include things such as:  

  • Adding, replacing, or removing an admission requirement 
  • Adding, replacing, or removing courses in the plan of study, provided that the change constitutes less than 30% of the curriculum (which includes cumulative changes to the curriculum – e.g., if the program has already had a minor revision involving 20% of the curriculum, another 15% change would exceed 30%). 

NOTE: To be a minor revision, the change cannot alter the program’s focus or design, add or eliminate disciplinary tracks, or eliminate a requirement for program completion (e.g., culminating assessment like an internship, clinical placement, etc.). 

Schedule a Meeting with APLI

If you have Minor Program Revision, your first step is to schedule a meeting with Academic Planning & Learning Innovation (APLI).  They can confirm for you whether the revision is a Major Revision or a Minor Revision, and they will point you to the correct paperwork, pre-filling some content as possible.

EMSI/Lightcast Report and Cabinet Briefing Document 

An EMSI/Lightcase Report and Cabinet Briefing Document are not necessary. 

Program Proposal Paperwork 

APLI will assist you in developing the revision paperwork and navigating the approval processes.  Follow the guidance for either Graduate or Undergraduate Program Proposals as appropriate. Either way, the phases for Minor Programs revisions include:

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