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An array of useful resources and the ticketing system are available in the New Paltz Knowledge Base.  

What are the new Certification Requirements?

 Foundational Certification (required to teach online, lasts 3 years)

  • Training content (Core DLE/Core Pedagogy, and Core Accessibility) available on demand in D2L Brightspace and remains available for on-going access as needed
  • Review content (Core DLE/Core Pedagogy, and Core Accessibility) at your own pace
  • Score 80% or better on all 3 content area checkpoints (faculty who have already completed Core DLE/Core Pedagogy do not need to retest those two content areas)

 Full Certification (must be achieved within 3 years of attaining Foundational Certification, lasts 4 years)

  • Training content (Core Modalities, Advanced Skills) available in D2L Brightspace upon successful Foundational Certification and remains available for on-going access as needed
  • Review content at your own pace
  • When you feel ready, sign up for one of 4 annual OSCQR course reviews

Recertification (must be achieved every 4 years once you have achieved Full Certification)

  • Recertification content (Tools and Best Practices Update) and skills review quiz available to all certified faculty in D2L Brightspace
  • When you need recertification, score 80% or better or the content/skills checkpoints and sign up for one of 4 annual OSCQR course reviews.

Where can I find the new training and certification? 

  • The training and certification are in Brightspace.  Look for your course “NEW Faculty and Staff Foundational Certification Training”.  

Why did we launch the new training? 

  • New SUNY-wide Brightspace platform means everyone must learn new platform. 
  • Legal requirement to make online content accessible. 
  • More faculty need flexible, on-demand and automated training. 

Why use quiz scores as the measure for Foundational Certification? 

  • To give experienced online educators the opportunity to “test out” of familiar content and to remove wait-times and allow for automated Foundational Certification  

Do Faculty who completed Core DLE and/or Core Pedagogy in 2022 have to re-do the training? 

  • No, but they do still need to complete the new Core Accessibility training (Module 3 in the Foundational Training in Brightspace) 

How much time should it take to do the training and certification? 

  • OIT estimates 2 hours for each module if viewed in their entirety (6 total hours), although experienced online faculty are unlikely to need much time in Modules 2/3 
  • Even highly skilled educators with online experience should expect 2 hours with Module 1 unless they have prior Brightspace experience. 

Who should I reach out to if I have questions?