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The purpose of this Travel Policy is to define travel status, to help clarify rules and regulations and how to apply for reimbursement while traveling on official state business. These rules are established in the best interest of the state and SUNY New Paltz and not the convenience of the employee.   Only actual, necessary and reasonable business expenses will be reimbursed.  Failure to get any pre-approval of travel prior to traveling or adhere to the travel policy could delay the process and may jeopardize the reimbursement of the requested travel expenses.

If there is need to obtain additional information or clarification of any travel regulations please contact the Travel Coordinator in the Purchasing Office.

Travel instructions (prior to trip and upon return from trip) are available for completing the appropriate forms required for travel on official state business with detailed information and examples.

When travel is necessary for state business it should include proper use of state funds, have minimal out-of- pocket expense, and be within travel guidelines that have been established by the NYS Office of State Comptroller (OSC) and SUNY New Paltz policy.