Incidental Expenses


Only actual, reasonable, and necessary business related expenses will be reimbursed and must be properly indicated on the travel requisition and justified on the travel expense report. Business related expenses such as: telephone calls, internet connection fees, baggage transfer/storage, and supplies/materials are reimbursable. Expenses for speeding fines, parking tickets, e-z pass fines, laundry, valet services, entertainment, such as in-room services and other personal charges are non-reimbursable. 

Travelers must provide original paid receipts with expense reports. All incidental expenses require a receipt, per list below.

Any charge on a State Travel/Net Card Receipt
Transportation by common carrier (train,  bus, airplane, subway) Ticket stub if purchase price is printed on the stub; receipt and ticket stub if purchase price is NOT printed on the stub
Taxi Receipt
Rental Car Receipt showing dates and times
Tolls - EZ Pass EZ Pass statement showing applicable charges
Tolls - Cash Receipt
Gas Receipt
Hotels Receipt
Miscellaneous & Incidental Expenses Receipt