While on official State business employees can receive travel advances to offset out-of pocket expenses. The employee must be in travel status for more than one day and will be limited to what is a reasonable estimate, within per diem rates, of the business expense such as lodging, and meals.  Travel advances can only be issued on pre-approved trips with department authorized signatures, and on the travel advance form.  The minimum amount is $100 and the maximum is $400 unless there are unusual circumstances.  Registration fees are not included in cash advances. 

Travel advance requests must be received 30 days or more prior to trip date. The advance will be sent to your direct deposit account or by check, depending on how your payroll is set up. 

Travel advances are only given to state employees not students, candidates, consultants and/or guests.

When the Travel Expense Report reimbursement amount is less than the amount of the advance, the traveler must submit the difference with the Travel Expense Report by a check payable to "SUNY New Paltz" within ten days after returning from the trip.  Any check which is deposited into our bank and subsequently returned unpaid for reasons of non-sufficient funds, account closed, etc. will be assessed an additional $20 fee.  If a Travel Expense Report or personal check for full repayment of an advance is not received within thirty days after trip, the outstanding advance will be considered delinquent.  Notices of the delinquency will be issued to the traveler’s supervisor and respective vice president.  The dollar amount of the advance may be deducted from the traveler’s wages or other monies due the traveler.  A traveler that is delinquent in repayment will not be eligible for future travel advances.

Airfare reimbursement requests can be made for early bookings for cost savings by submitting the airfare reimbursement form with the Travel Requisition when airfare is purchased at least 1 month or more prior to taking the trip.  Document this pre-payment request on the travel requisition prepayment section and include a paid receipt showing actual details of the flight and cost breakdown.

Requests for registration pre-payments, by check, can be made on the Travel Requisition when it involves travel.  When requesting a prepayment of registration, the name of an alternate attendee is required.  It is the responsibility of the traveler to complete and send the registration form to the host organization, and submit a completed copy with the Travel Requisition.  When necessary, it may be noted “check to follow” on the registration form.  Registration forms must include complete information such as company name, mailing address, and State Financial System (SFS) Identification number so payment is made to the correct organization on the travelers behalf.