SUNY New Paltz encourages use of the departmental Procurement Card for pre-payment of conference registration fees.  This pre-payment should be documented on the travel requisition with a paid receipt. The procurement card may not be used for travel, lodging, or meals. 

If the procurement card is not accepted, and travel is involved, then pre-payment of the registration fees should be requested on a travel requisition.  Submit a completed copy of the meeting’s registration form four weeks prior to the required payment date.  Registration forms must include complete information such as company name, mailing address, and State Financial System (SFS) Identification number so payment is made to the correct organization. Checks originate from OSC in Albany and require four weeks lead time. When requesting a prepayment of registration the name of an alternate attendee is required.  It is the responsibility of the traveler to complete and send the registration form to the host organization.  When necessary, it may be noted “check to follow” on the registration form. 

If the trip gets cancelled it is up to the traveler to notify the vendor of cancellation and request reimbursement to the college.  The Travel Office should also be notified in a timely manner by email, or send a copy of the Travel Requisition with "cancel" written on it.

Conference agenda or itinerary of the trip documenting the location, dates/times, and details of each day of the business trip must be provided.