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School of Business

Career, Leadership, Writing Assistance & Tutoring

The School of Business is committed to providing resources that allow students to achieve success. The School employs a writing assistant to help business students improve their overall writing skills, a leadership lab assistant to record presentations, as well as a career assistant to provide career advising to business students.

Writing Assistance

All School of Business students are encouraged to stop by the Writing Center for writing assistance. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the door of the Writing Center located in the Student Lounge (VH 115A). Appointments also may be made by e-mailing the writing assistant (BUSINESSWRITINGASSISTANT@GMAIL.COM). They can help you proofread, edit, and organize your writing, answer writing-related questions, and provide you with tips to guide you as you write.

The Writing Assistant's office is located in VH115. Office hours to be posted shortly.


Tips for Using the Writing Assistant

  • Plan ahead. Don't wait until the week of your assignment (or worse yet, the day before it's due) to ask for help.
  • Ask for help at the early stages of your written work. If you know you have difficulty in organizing your written assignments, or getting your ideas on paper, develop an outline and bring it to the assistant. S/he can help you determine what you will include and how to structure the writing.
  • Remember that you are the subject matter expert. The assistant is an expert in writing, and you are the expert on the topic. The assistant cannot help you figure out what to write.
  • Need help with citing sources? If you have any confusion about the way to cite your sources in your paper, ask the assistant. S/he can provide you with assistance in APA citation style.
  • Be considerate. When you visit the assistant, be well prepared. Know in advance what you need help with. Bring a copy of your assignment, your written drafts and your questions. There is only one assistant and many students!

 Math Assistant

The Math Assistant's office is located in VH219. Office hours to be posted shortly.

Career Advising Assistance

The School of Business has a career counselor, Christine Daly (dalyc@newpaltz.edu), dedicated to providing career counseling for business students three days a week. Her office is located in VH 212. Christine will be available to help students develop resumes and cover letters and locate internships or employment opportunities. She is available in VH 212 on Tuesday and Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. and Thursday 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m.


The School provides tutors in various areas of business through the Campus Tutor Center. If you are a current student, and need extra help, start by asking your professor – early in the semester! Professors often recommend their high achievers to tutor fellow students and often provide this information upon request to those who need help.