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Orientation & Advisement 2020

Orientation & Advisement 2020
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Transfer FAQ

Transfer Student FAQs

Getting Started at New Paltz

+  What do I need to do before I can register for classes?

You must participate in Orientation/Course Registration in order to register for classes. Information will be emailed and posted on this site at a later date about this program and how to register.

You must pay your pre-enrollment deposit (PED) in order to register for Orientation/Course Registration.

+  Why do I have to send a high school transcript?

Your final high school transcript, with your graduation date should be sent to New Paltz by the first day of classes.  It is required by the New York State Education Department to finalize enrollment and financial aid. 

Submit your final official high school transcripts with date of graduation to:

Office of Undergraduate Admission
SUNY New Paltz
100 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, New York 12561

email: admissions@newpaltz.edu

+  What about final payment and other fees?

Tuition, housing and other fee billing is only done online through your my.newpaltz.edu account. Payment must be received in the office of student accounts by the stated due date that appears on your bill. You can access your bill, accept your charges, complete the health insurance waiver, and make payment or payment arrangements online at my.newpaltz.edu after orientation.

+  When is the health report and proof of immunization due?

This information should be received at least 30 days prior to your arrival on campus. The Student Health Service strongly recommends that you schedule a physical with your primary care provider as soon as possible, as you may have to wait several weeks to get an appointment. The ‘Demographics,’ ‘Health History,’ ‘Meningitis Vaccination Response Form’ and ‘Tuberculosis Screening form (p. 1-4 of the Health Report) should be completed by the student or parent prior to the appointment. Your provider must complete the Medical Assessment and provide signed documentation of your immunizations (p. 5-6 of the Health Report). Please mail, fax or email the completed Health Report by July 15, 2020. NYS law requires all students to submit proof of proper immunizations for Measles, Mumps and Rubella or proof of immunity by blood titers. Students must also show proof of a meningitis vaccine within the past five years or complete a waiver form. Returning a properly completed Health Report should fulfill these requirements and allow you to register for classes.The Health Report can be downloaded from the SUNY New Paltz website by navigating to the ‘Student Health Service’ and choosing the ‘Forms’ link.

+  Can transfer students live on campus?

Yes, transfer housing is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The College is still accepting Advanced Room Deposits (ARD) for fall 2020. Submit your deposit(s) on your status portal

Advising and Registration

+  How will I register for Fall 2020 courses?

You will register online just like all other New Paltz students.  

+  When will I register for fall 2020 classes?

Transfer students will register online July 20-24, 2020. Prior to registration, you will have your planned schedules reviewed and approved by an advisor.  The advisor will provide registration clearance to allow you to register. In some majors, the advisor may register you for one or more classes prior to registration week.

The Office of Records & Registration will be available to assist you if you have any challenges during the process. The Office of Academic Advising and the academic departments will also be available to provide support. 

+  How will I know how to plan my schedule?

You will complete learning modules that will help orient you to the Schedule of Classes, My Schedule Planner, the Eight Semester Plan and Degree Works, among other terrific tools New Paltz students use for planning.

Before being cleared to register, advisers will check your registration plans to be sure they meet your needs. Check this site frequently for updated information on student advising and registration information.

+  Will I be able to meet with an advisor or attend a remote session for advisement? How will I be able to ask questions?

The answer will depend on your particular program. Generally, students who are undeclared for a major meet with a general advisor in the Office of Academic Advising and students who are accepted into a major meet with an advisor in the major department. There will be a forum for you to ask questions.

Check this site for updated information on student advising. At this time, we are unsure if there will be any in-person sessions.

+  Who will be my advisor?

Declared students: Transfer students who have declared a major will be assigned to a faculty member from the department of study. 

Undeclared students: Transfer students who are undeclared will be assigned to an advisor from the Office of Academic Advising.  

+  How do I receive credit for courses taken in high school?

If you took AP, IB or a college course in high school, you have probably already started earning college credit. It's up to you to ensure SUNY New Paltz receives these official transcripts; your high school does not send these for you. Contact the appropriate institution:

For Advanced Placement (AP) courses, scores of 3, 4, or 5 are accepted for college credit. Contact College Board for official transcripts.

For International Baccalaureate courses, scores of 5 or higher are accepted for college credit. Contact International Baccalaureate for official transcripts.

For college courses taken in high school, grades of C- or higher can be transferred for credit. Contact the college where you took the course for official transcripts.

What you have to do:

Contact the institution that granted the credits and request that official transcripts be sent to:

Office of Undergraduate Admission
State University of New York at New Paltz
100 Hawk Drive 
New Paltz, New York 12561-2499

+  Is there anywhere I can see how my credits will transfer?

Yes! On the transfer website (https://www.newpaltz.edu/admissions/transfer.html), you can find a link that says: “Transfer Course Equivalencies”. From there, you can find your school and compare your courses. NOTE: If you receive a grade of a "C-" or better, the course will transfer. Eight semester planhttps://www.newpaltz.edu/ugc/8-semester-plans/.

+  When will I receive my transfer credit evaluation?

It may take two to three weeks to receive your official credit evaluation. You will be notified via email. 

+  What is the Foreign Language Placement Policy?
+  When should my final grades/transcripts from the spring semester be received by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions?

Your final college transcript including AP/IB/CLEP, should be received by the first day of classes at New Paltz. They should be sent to the following address.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
SUNY New Paltz
100 Hawk Drive
New Paltz, NY 12561

+  I am a second degree student. How am I advised and registered?

Second degree candidates follow the same advising and registration process as transfer students. 

+  I am a readmitted student. How am I advised and registered?

Readmitted students follow the same advising and registration process as transfer students. Often, these students have received some advisement from their department as part of the readmission process.

Special Programs

+  What if I am an EOP transfer student?

You will complete Transfer Orientation online – completing the learning modules as part of orientation. In addition to meeting with a major advisor, you will also be required to meet with your EOP Advisor, Ivelisse P. Tuttle.

Check this page and your hawkmail regularly for updates about orientation. If you have questions, please visit the EOP website for more information or you may email your EOP Advisor at tuttlei@newpaltz.edu.

+  What can I do if I have questions about joining a Living Learning Community?

For any student who is interested in learning more about a Living /Learning Community or would like to apply, visit our website or email Shannon Moysey, Coordinator for Living/Learning Communities at moyseys@newpaltz.edu

Support Services

+  What if I need a disability related accommodations for orientation, advisement and registration, and my classes?

If you have a documented disability and will be requesting accommodations, complete the Accommodation Request as soon as you select a virtual Orientation session. This will allow us to build your class schedule based on your need for accommodations. See the requirements, procedures and contact information on our web page www.newpaltz.edu/drc/ 

School of Business Students

+  What are the admission requirements to be admitted at New Paltz as a Business major?

As a Transfer student, you must have a minimum of a 2.75 cumulative GPA from your present institution.  Also, for transfer eligibility you must successfully complete the following courses for admission into the School of Business:

Freshman Comp I & II

Microeconomics OR Macroeconomics

College Algebra (or its equivalent) – although not required, it is recommended all applicants complete Precalculus (the final math course required for the major) prior to transferring to SUNY New Paltz.

+  When can I declare Business as a second major?

If admitted as a non-business student, you may declare a Business major as your second major as early as the first day of classes. You may contact the Center for Business Advising (businessadvising@newpaltz.edu, or VH 206) to make the request.

+  I did not qualify to get into the School of Business, can I declare later?

Yes, if admitted to SUNY New Paltz, you may request to declare a Business major as early as the first day of classes. You will need to make an appointment with an adviser to declare so they are able to review the missing requirements, your major status (due to the declaration time) and all risks associated with declaring without the admission criteria.

+  How can I get an evaluation to see what business courses are accepted and what I have left to take?

Transfer students may send their transcript from their previous institution to businessadvising@newpaltz.edu for an unofficial evaluation of business courses still needed, and business courses for which you will receive major credit.

Freshman students will receive notification of any business transfer credits at their orientation session.

+  What internships are available to me?

The School of Business has a Senior Career Advisor, Christine Daly who assists all Business students with internship prep, notification and availability. 

We also have a password protected database for jobs and internships called HawkHire for our students to access thru my.newpaltz.edu.

+  What is the Math class I need to have in order to start my business classes?

The School of Business requires the completion of Precalculus for its majors. It is best if this course is completed BEFORE transferring to SUNY New Paltz.

+  Can I have a one-on-one remote meeting with a business advisor to discuss what classes I will take for Fall 2020?

Due to the number of incoming students, we cannot guarantee a one-on-one remote session at this time, however, we can evaluate your community college transcript to verify what business courses will transfer and what business courses you will still need to take.

Your transcript will also be pre-evaluated prior to coming to SUNY New Paltz to give you a clear understanding of what courses you will register for during your orientation session. If there are any changes presented during your orientation session, we will make changes immediately with documented proof.

+  Who will be my business advisor?

Rendesia Scott will be the advisor for all new transfer students. Business students will receive all advising from the Center for Business Advising (CBA) – VH 206.

+  How can I be admitted to the MBA program?

You may apply to the MBA program when you are in your final semester as an undergraduate student.

Please view the MBA Requirements-Admission page listed below. You may contact the Assistant Dean of the MBA Program, Aaron Hines (hinesa@newpaltz.edu), if you have further questions about the MBA program.


School of Education Students

+  How will I be advised as an education major?

You will have a faculty advisor from the School of Education and a faculty advisor from your teaching subject or academic concentration. In addition, Joanna Schroer from the Office of Academic Advising serves as a general advisor for all School of Education undergraduates. 

+  When do I begin fieldwork and student teaching?

Credit-bearing fieldwork begins fall of junior year for Early Childhood & Childhood Education students, and spring of junior year for Adolescence Education students. Early Childhood Studies students complete internships and field experiences at non-school settings during junior and senior year.

+  Not all my transfer courses appear to meet requirements on my Progress Report. How can I have them evaluated?

Courses from your other institution(s) that are not in our transfer equivalency database will need to be evaluated by one of your advisors.  Many of these evaluations will be completed and shared with you before you register for fall classes.  If you have questions about specific transfer courses, you may ask one of your faculty advisors or Joanna Schroer. 

+  I was admitted into another major, but want to change into education. Can I do that?

The teacher certification programs at New Paltz require an overall GPA of 3.0 and grades of B or better in at least 4 credits of first-year composition/basic communication courses.  If you meet those criteria after your first semester at New Paltz, it may be possible to switch and become an education major.  However, due to course sequencing, changing your major may add time to degree completion. 

+  If I don’t meet the admissions requirements, can I still take education courses

There are a few education courses open to students outside the School of Education, including EDS340, EDS371, and EDS372. Teaching methods and related professional courses and field experiences are restricted to education majors. 

School of Fine and Performing Arts Students

+  What if I am a Music major?