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Finances and Scholarships 

Study abroad can be made very affordable but early planning is important. The cost depends on the exact program chosen, including the length, the location, among others. Each program page contains a cost budget sheet detailing what a student will be billed for their program as well as the estimated costs associated with the program.

The best way to save money is to choose a lower cost program. Semester programs are often a better value than shorter, summer-term programs because you are able to use your financial aid and you have more time abroad. SUNY New Paltz semester programs that offer the Global Ambassador opportunity are often the most affordable options (check the program cost tab on each program).

The amount of personal spending money that students will need for their time abroad depends on their lifestyle choices and spending habits. Each program budget gives estimated costs of living but does not include estimated costs for spending money or additional independent travel, for example.

Start Your Financial Planning Early Guidelines for your Scholarship Search

  • Understand the estimated costs for your program
  • Start researching possible scholarships early and make sure you understand their deadline (they may be before your application deadline)
  • Be sure to check the eligibility guidelines of the specific scholarship before applying - apply for everything you may be eligible for!
  • If you are in need of a letter of recommendation, please give your professor 3 weeks of advance notice
  • Never pay for a scholarship
  • Visit the Center for Student Success Writers' Studio; students from any major can sign up for a free, 30 minute, one-on-one session with a peer writing consultant. 
  • Complete your application and scholarship applications by the appropriate deadline

Scholarships and Funding for Study Abroad

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