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International Course Equivalency Database


The International Course Equivalency Database is a collaborative effort of the Center for International Programs, the Office of Records and Registration, Academic Advising, and Computer Services to create a way for the user to search for how courses offered at university partners overseas have counted at SUNY New Paltz in the past.

The user can search for courses by program, country, language of instruction, term, subject, or general education requirement.

  1. This database of course equivalencies is based on information collected by the office of International Programs and does not include each and every course offered abroad. This database should be used as a guide and advising tool. In addition, this database is updated on a continual basis as new courses are approved and new programs expanded.
  2. Comprehensive course listings for foreign partners can be found through the study abroad website and are specific to each university and each program.
  3. All courses taken abroad through any New Paltz study abroad programs are recognized as residential SUNY credit.
  4. All foreign courses can count toward major or minor requirements, but must be pre-approved by specific departments.
  5. All foreign courses may be used to fulfill GE requirements but must be pre-approved by Academic Advising.

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