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Records & Registration

Records & Registration

Important Announcements

Office Hours: 8:00am -4:00pm 

Office closed on January 20, 2020

THE DEGREE APPLICATION IS ONLINE - NO MORE PAPER- Go to my.newpaltz.edu > Graduation

Web registration moratorium for spring 2020 courses - 1/6/20-1/13/20

Non-matriculated and visiting student registration - 1/14/20

First day of classes - Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Records & Registration is the office responsible for maintaining the permanent academic record and ensuring its integrity and security. We receive and record all grades, match academic progress with approved major plans, and clear students for graduation. Our office also creates the schedule of classes, manages and assigns classrooms, updates, develops and maintains the progress report, and creates and manages the course registration process.  Records & Registration issues diplomas, oversees transcript requests and provides proof of enrollment.