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Withdrawal from College

Withdrawal from College is different from a Course Withdrawal or withdrawing from all courses in a semester but planning to return within two semesters or sooner,  considered a Leave of AbsenceIf you intend to return to New Paltz within two semesters to continue taking courses and complete a degree, then do not withdraw from the College.

Withdrawal from College means that the student does not plan to return to New Paltz as a matriculated student. Students who are withdrawn from college are blocked from taking any courses at New Paltz and must reapply for admission if they wish to return.  Re-admission is not guaranteed.

This is the policy for Withdrawal from College

Want to reapply  to New Paltz?



Make the right choice for YOU

Is a Leave of Absence a better choice? Discuss the pros and cons of each choice with your advisor, health and wellness provider, financial aid officer and/or other trusted individual.  

Records & Registration offers an advisor to help students make good decisions. Click here to contact Patrick Saxe, Assistant Registrar.

Consider this decision carefully

  1. Is SUNY New Paltz not the right fit for you?
  2. Do you need to be closer to home?
  3. Are you not ready for College?
  4. Are you experiencing financial difficulties?
  5. Do you need a break from College?
  6. Is there something that is preventing you from focusing on College for a while?
  7. Are there any supports that New Paltz offers that might help you remain?


Should I walk away in the middle of a semester?

There may be academic and financial implications for this decision.

Students who stop attending class and participating at school risk earning F’s for failure.  Make your intentions known by submitting a Withdrawal from College Form.  A “W” for course withdrawal is entered on the transcript for all ungraded courses for withdrawal from college or leave of absence. This may make readmission or transfer to another institution easier.

W is an indicator on the official transcript assigned when a student withdraws from the College after the last day to add a course. For information and completeness, the W is placed on the permanent academic record. The W is non-punitive and is not used in any computation of quality point or cumulative average totals. The W affords a student the opportunity to leave a class, without a grade (whether passing or failing). The W will not be removed from a student’s academic record.

Click here for the Withdrawal from College form

Graduate students, click here.

Students who do not register for more than two consecutive fall/spring semesters will be automatically withdrawn from New Paltz