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Records & Registration

Enrollment and Degree Verification

The National Student Clearinghouse is authorized to provide enrollment and degree verifications for SUNY New Paltz students and former students.

Click here for the National Student Clearinghouse 

Registered students can easily submit a request for this information by following these steps:


1. Go to my.newpaltz.edu. In Resources, select Academic. Select Enrollment Verification Request.

2. Click the blue link for the National Student Clearing House (NSC). Select one of the following options:


  • Obtain an enrollment certificate, select Current Enrollment or All EnrollmentThis will give you a PDF copy of your enrollment dates to submit to health insurance, loan providers, etc.


  • View the enrollment information on file. This will provide you with the dates enrollment status was submitted by the school.


  • View the student loan deferment notifications.  This will provide with the dates enrollment data was reported to lenders, servicers, and guarantors.


  • View the proof of enrollment provided to health insurers and other providers. This will provide you with the dates enrollment data was reported to third parties, which have been authorized by the student.


  • View specific information about student loans.  This will provide you with organizations who reported to the NSC that they have your loans. 


Need an Enrollment Verification on SUNY New Paltz letterhead paper with a raised school seal and signature of the Registrar?


1. To obtain in person, bring a valid photo ID to the Office of Records & Registration, Wooster Hall, Room 115.

2. From the student hawkmail account only, email recreg@newpaltz.edu The email must include the student ID number, name and mailing information or the receiver. (Please note that Enrollment Verification with the raised school seal will not be visible for scanned or faxed copies.)



For former students seeking to verify a enrollment/degree:

Former students:

1. Consider using the official transcript for this purpose.  The request form can be found on my.newpaltz.edu

2. If the request is for degree verification, email recreg@newpaltz.edu to request a letter of the degree, date of conferral and the major. 


For all third party requests:

Go  to the National Student Clearinghouse to make this request or fax or email recreg@newpaltz.edu forms along with with a signed release for information from the student.  We will verify the student's information and fax the information as indicated in the request.