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Course withdrawal

A course withdrawal is different from dropping a course and is made by request of the student. A course withdrawal requires review of the class instructor and student advisor.  A course withdrawal does NOT change registration status. When a withdrawal is complete, a W indicator will appear for the course on the official transcript.  The course withdrawal period generally starts during week 3 through week 10 of the semester. The student will incur tuition liability for the course depending on the date of withdrawal.

W on the Official Transcript:

The W on the transcript is an indicator assigned when a student withdraws from a course after the last day to add. For information and completeness, the W is placed on the permanent academic record. The W is non-punitive and is not used in any computation of quality point or cumulative average totals. The W affords a student the opportunity to leave a class, without a grade (whether passing or failing). The W will not be removed from a student’s academic record.
Check the Academic Calendar for specific dates and deadlines for all academic sessions.


What happens if I stop attending class and do not officially withdraw?



Students submit course withdrawal requests in > Resources > Registration. Instructors should consider contacting the student to discuss the request. 

Approvals are needed for the course withdrawal to be processed by Records & Registration.  An email link will be sent to the instructor and advisor. Approvals are time sensitive.  It is important to indicate the last date of attendence so that appropriate accounting can be made by Student Accounts. 



Students with possible academic integrity violations cannot be approved for a course withdrawal. Here is the policy link.

Students with an open academic integrity case, in which the penalty has not been finalized, or students who have been assigned a failing grade in the course due to an integrity violation are not permitted to withdraw from the class. Here is the policy link

Students cannot withdraw from all courses or the college using the online course withdrawal process. This is considered a leave of absence and the student must follow the guidance for a Leave of Absence even if the plan is to return the next semester.


Click here for information on leave of absence from the college.

Click here for information on withdrawal from the college.