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Accessibility Abroad

New Paltz students with disabilities or accessibility considerations participate in study abroad programs around the world. However, not every study abroad experience is a good fit from an accessibility perspective. While attitudes and perceptions about accessibility and accommodation for students with emotional, mental, learning, or physical disabilities may vary in different programs and locations, SUNY New Paltz and the Center for International Programs are here to support you throughout your study abroad process. We encourage students to research different programs and countries before selecting a study abroad location and to contact student support services at universities abroad to understand how their services compare to those at New Paltz. 

Disability Resource Center 

The Disability Resource Center at SUNY New Paltz provides services to students with permanent or temporary disabilities to ensure access to programs and activities in the pursuit of attaining their international educational objectives as they become active participants in a diverse and global society. We recommend students reach out to the DRC to learn more about accommodations for their particular needs and how this might be impacted abroad. 

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