Center for Student Success

Writer's Studio

Our Writer's Studio can assist with assignments and other written work at any stage in the writing process. Our Writing Consultants are trained, upper-level undergraduate and graduate peers with diverse majors and experiences. 

Our Writing Consultants can assist with any of the following topics - 

  • reviewing writing prompts or instructions
  • brainstorming
  • prewriting
  • developing an outline
  • developing a thesis
  • developing a draft
  • revising a draft
  • assisting with proofreading strategies
  • review of final draft
  • assist with resource referrals related to citation, grammar, etc.

Sessions at our Writing Studio are one-on-one, 30-minute, student-led sessions at the Center for Student Success. Sessions are limited to one per day and three per week. We recommend attending sessions well in advance of deadlines to get the most out of our sessions. Please note that we cannot give class credit or extra credit for attending sessions at this time.


English Language Learners and ESL Students

The Center for Student Success offers specialized writing support to students who are non-native English speakers with our Graduate Assistant.

To meet with our Graduate Assistant, make an appointment on my.newpaltz under Center for Student Success- Writers' Studio for English Language Learners and ESL Students.