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Center for Student Success

Writers' Studio

What is the Writers’ Studio?

SUNY New Paltz students from any major can sign up for a free, 30 minute, one-on-one session with a peer writing consultant.  Peer writing consultants are fellow SUNY NP students who are trained to help you work toward goals for your academic writing assignments.  Regular sessions at the Writers’ Studio can go a long way toward helping you develop the confidence and skills necessary to be an effective communicator in college and beyond.

What can I work on in a Writers’ Studio session?

Any academic writing assignment, at any stage of the writing process.  Peer writing consultants help you work toward one or two goals for your assignment while developing writing strategies you will be able to repeat on your own.  Make a Writers’ Studio appointment to build skills in:  

The Writers’ Studio is not:

  • A drop-off or editing service: We collaborate with you to help you become a better writer.  We do not proofread, correct grammar, or “quickly look over” papers.
  • A place for emergencies: We focus on building writing skills over time. To get the most out of your sessions, be proactive and come in well before the day your paper is due.
  • Qualified to provide assistance with job/internship cover letters, or scholarship/ graduate school essays.  Please visit the Career Resource Center for this service.

Who are the Peer Writing Consultants?

Our friendly, Peer Writing Consultants are SUNY New Paltz students from a variety of backgrounds and majors.  They participate in mandatory, on-going training and reflection. Click here to meet the peer writing consultants!

How do I sign up for a session?

Schedule a session with a peer writing consultant through the Center for Student Success link on my.newpaltz.edu.


How often can I schedule sessions?

You can make one 30 minute appointment per day, up to three days per week.  


English Language Learners and ESL Students

The Center for Student Success offers specialized writing support to students who are non-native English speakers. Through individualized, one-on-one support with our Graduate Assistant, Kyle, students can focus on improvement in their writing strategies.

To meet with our Graduate Assistant, make an appointment on my.newpaltz under Center for Student Success- Writers' Studio for English Language Learners and ESL Students.