Languages, Literatures & Cultures


Placement Policy

  • Language placement is based on students’ prior experience in that language. Language Placement Levels (LPLs) are indicated on Progress Reports and must be consulted before registering for a language course. LPLs correspond to the following:


Must register for 102


Must register for 201


Must register for 202


Must register for 301 (311 for GER)


Must register for FRN302/GER312/SPA361

Higher than LPL5

Should consult with an advisor from the Dept. of LL&C


  • The GE Foreign Language (FLNG) Requirement is met for students who previously earned college credit for Elementary 1 and Elementary 2, Elementary 2 and Intermediate 1, or Intermediate 1 or higher.

    • Students must have their official college transcripts or AP or IB exam scores sent to the Office of Admissions by the mid-point of their first semester at New Paltz.

    • Students who have college credit for Elementary 1 (101) must continue on to Elementary 2 (102); students who have college credit for Elementary 2 must continue on to Intermediate 1 (201). This applies to students continuing with the same language they previously took.

  • Students over-prepared for any course based on previous experience with the language (academic and/or non-academic) may not take the course.

  • Students will not receive credit for a language course if they have already earned credit for a higher-level course in that language.

  • Students who have not had language instruction for more than one year may petition the Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures for a level adjustment.

  • Students may begin a new language at New Paltz. In order to fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement, students with no prior experience in a language begin at the Elementary 1 (101) level of that language and must complete Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 (102).

  • Advanced Placement (AP): Students earning AP credit in a foreign language will be placed as follows.



Credits Granted

Placement Level

AP Language  or Literature

4 or 5

201 and 202 (6-7)


AP Language or Literature


201 (3)



For further questions, the Department of LL&C secretary can direct you to an available faculty member (OM 206).