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Languages, Literatures & Cultures


Placement Policy

  • The GE Foreign Language (FLNG) Requirement is met for students who previously earned college credit for Elementary 1 and Elementary 2, Elementary 2 and Intermediate 1, or Intermediate 1 or higher.
    • Students must have their official college transcripts or AP or IB exam scores sent to the Office of Admissions by the first day of classes of their first semester at New Paltz.
    • Students who have college credit for Elementary 1 (101) must continue on to Elementary 2 (102); students who have college credit for Elementary 2 must continue on to Intermediate 1 (201). This applies to students continuing with the same language they previously took.
  • Students over-prepared for any course based on previous experience with the language (academic and/or non-academic) may not take the course.
  • Students will not receive credit for a language course if they have already earned credit for a higher-level course in that language.
  • Students who have not had language instruction for more than one year may petition the Chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures & Cultures for a level adjustment.
  • Students may begin a new language at New Paltz. In order to fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement, students with no prior experience in a language begin at the Elementary 1 (101) level of that language and must complete Elementary 1 and Elementary 2 (102).
  • Advanced Placement (AP): Students earning AP credit in a foreign language will be placed as follows.




Credits Granted

Placement Level

AP Language  or Literature

4 or 5

201 and 202 (6-7)


AP Language or Literature


201 (3)



For further questions, the Department of LL&C secretary can direct you to an available faculty member (OM 206).