Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards

Parental Notification Policy




In keeping with its institutional mission, SUNY New Paltz seeks to provide a residential environment that is conducive to academic pursuits and fosters the social, cultural and intellectual growth of students. In doing so, the campus has established rules and policies for our campus community that enhance and support student success while upholding and reinforcing behavioral standards. Each person, upon entrance to the academy, is obligated to adhere to institutional rules and standards, including those concerning the possession or use of illicit drugs and the underage possession or abusive use of alcohol. Campus regulations and policies concerning illicit drugs, controlled substances, and alcohol are contained in the Campus Regulations and Judicial Procedures document and our pamphlet Institutional Response to the Use of Illicit Drugs and Alcohol. Both documents are disseminated to all incoming students, faculty and staff and are also available on the campus Web site at

Underage Students and Alcohol

New York State laws and SUNY New Paltz policies prohibit the possession and consumption of alcohol by persons under 21 years of age. SUNY New Paltz holds persons responsible for their conduct at all times, including behavior that occurs while under the influence of alcohol. Students who violate campus regulations or policies concerning use or abuse of alcoholic beverages are subject to disciplinary action, including possible dismissal from college.

Parental Notification

The Federal Higher Education Amendments of 1998 revised the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to permit disclosure of violations of campus policies concerning possession and consumption of alcohol, controlled substances, or illicit drugs to parents of students who are under 21 years of age. The amendments to FERPA were enacted to encourage a partnership between college administrators and parents toward proactive intervention with students when there are indications of behaviors related to possession and use of alcohol, controlled substances, or illicit drugs that could lead to a student’s separation from the institution. Beginning in fall 2000, SUNY New Paltz implemented a policy of notifying the parent(s) of students under the age of 21 years who have violated campus policies concerning the possession, use or abuse of alcohol, controlled substances, or illicit drugs. Written notification to the parent(s) at the address of record will occur under the following circumstances and before a student would be subject to dismissal:

  • transport to a local hospital for emergency medical treatment or evaluation due to presumed consumption of alcohol, controlled substances, or illicit drugs.

  • determination of a violation of campus regulations or policies concerning alcohol or controlled substances when subsequent violation(s) could result in the student’s separation from the institution (e.g. Suspension or Expulsion from SUNY New Paltz).