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Graduate School

By majoring in sociology, you have the possibility of entering a wide range of graduate school programs. If your goal is graduate school, consider the following ideas:

  • Participate in an internship or volunteer with an organization of your interest
  • Engage a professor in pursuing an independent research experience such as SURE or AYURE
  • Connect with alumni currently in graduate school to learn about their experiences and gain their insights
  • Learn about different graduate study programs to identify the best fit for you
  • Talk to your academic advisor

Here are some resources to inform your graduate school search and preparation for graduate school application.

Peterson is a great starting point to learn about graduate school, read about programs and their offerings, as well as get advice on the decision to apply or not.

GradSchools.com is a searchable database of graduate school programs with information on the application process and other resources.

Learn about the standardized tests commonly required on graduate and professional school applications:

  • The GRE is for most academic and general professional degrees such as master’s and doctoral degrees in sociology, social work, criminology, public policy, urban planning, and more.
  • The LSAT is for law school. You will also have to create an LSAC profile.
  • The GMAT is for business school.
  • The MCAT is for medical school.
  • Most public health programs ask you to apply through SOPHAS. See individual school websites for more details.