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Student Spotlight

Kaina Rivera, a senior majoring in sociology at SUNY New Paltz and last year’s winner of the Ken Skelton Scholarship for Progressive Social Change was the feature piece of the latest issue of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Newsletter. Read the story here.


Ban the Box: Some of our sociology students led and joined other SUNY students at the Student Assembly in Saratoga to call for a resolution to “ban the box” for felony conviction in the university's application. This student initiative has been commended by Chancellor Zimpher as SUNY reviews the new U.S. Department of Education “Beyond the Box” guidelines.

New Paltz at ESS 2016: Jean Padilla '16 co-presented a paper, Reflections on the pedagogy of control during an Inside Out course in a secure juvenile facility, with Prof. Alexandra Cox. Kelsey Gitler '15 presented her senior seminar project, Obesity and Related Chronic Illness Social Risk Factors and Public Health Interventions: Findings from the NY Ulster County Department of Health. Lexi Weiner (‘15) presented her senior seminar project Locked Up: A Look at Gender Inequality in Prison Programming. Elizabeth Wittman (’16) presented her independent project, DREAMed: The Artistic Construction of Undocumented Youth Activists (DREAMers).

Student accepted at National Conference on Undergraduate Research: Anthony Albanese '16 presented his honor’s thesis, Testing the Opium: An Analysis of Religion’s Effects on Political Militancy, on April 29, 2016. Supervised by Prof. Judith Halasz (Sociology) and Prof. Bruce Milem (Philosophy), the thesis evaluates Karl Marx’s famous line, "religion is the opiate of the masses," in light of empirical evidence from the US Civil Rights Movement and Czechoslovakia’s Velvet Revolution.

Presidential Outstanding Graduate Award

Each fall and spring the department also issues Outstanding Student Awards to our top graduates for their excellent academic performance and for representing the highest ideals of our discipline. These honorees represent the department at the President’s awards ceremony. Honorees are also recognized at the annual Sociology party and awards ceremony held each May. 

Outstanding Sociology Student Award winners

May 2016: Anthony Albanese, Nearlyse Dandas, Clelie Fuega, Francesca Sills

May 2015: Promise Bruce, Monique Glosque, Madeline Lazer, Juliana Wintroub

May 2014: Rebecca King, Adam Holland, Alexander Elmasri, Mark Carroll

May 2013: Judy Ko, Derrick Lewis, Andrea Mazziotti, Lisa Munzer

2011-2012: Carrie Sauer, Alicia Loscalzo, Brianna Wright, Kate Jordan

2010-2011: Morgan Anderson, Emma Kershen, Joycelyn Newsome, Darian Pucciarelli

2009-2010: Clement Whittle, Aaron Williams

May 2008: Selene Altamirano-Farrell and Leann Heathwood
Heather Rakhmilov (Book Award)

December 2007: Deirdre Ourso and Rachel Stedman

May 2007: Ruth Allendorf and Michael Bossolina

December 2006: Tamara Blair, Tara Lapola and Mark Pawson

May 2006: Jeff Roberts, Tina Youmans, and Frances Donkor

2005: Kelly Moore and Vendula Vlachova

2004: Takeema Allen and Mitch Monsour