Advising Information

While students are always responsible for their own progress through the program, it is important to remain in contact with your advisor in order to make sure that you are fulfilling requirements in a timely manner.  Your advisor can also provide you with helpful information about courses you may find of interest, graduate degree opportunities in sociology, and career paths that you may want to consider.  Here are some tips for making the most of what your advisor can offer:

  • Be sure you know who your advisor is.  If in doubt, come to the sociology office in room 516 of the Jacobson Faculty Tower or call the department at 257-3505.
  • Set up an appointment if you want to meet with your advisor.  You can also stop by during their regular office hours, but it is always wise to call ahead to make sure they are not busy with other appointments.
  • Bring your Progress Report with you whenever you seek advising.
  • Review your "major plan" each semester and look for mistakes (e.g., Did you add, drop, withdraw, or fail a course after your last visit with your advisor?)
  • If you change your major or concentration, be sure to file a new Major Declaration form.
  • Review the sample 8-semester plans below.

Plan Your Progress Through Your Requirements!

Below are links to sample 8-semester plans for how you could complete your sociology major and other degree requirements during your four years at SUNY New Paltz. You do not have to follow this plan exactly, but this should give you some idea about how you can schedule your progress through the major.