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2016 Sociology Scholarship for Progressive Social Change Recipient: The Department of Sociology and the Scholarship Selection Committee awarded the first Sociology Scholarship for Progressive Social Change Award in honor of former Sociology Professor Dr. Ken Skelton to Mary Jo Schmidt. Honorable mentions went to Michelle Scuderi, Kelsey Simmons, Colleen Taylor and Forrest Tompkins.

And the Award Goes to…: Our very own Professor Brian Obach takes the 2016 Liberal Arts and Science Award for Excellence in Research.

On to Graduate School: The acceptance letters are arriving and the list of our students attending graduate programs next year keep on growing. Here are some of our students:

  • Joseph Noonan ('14) has been accepted to CUNY Law School.
  • Stephanie Brown ('15) has been accepted to the University of Southern California MSW program with a scholarship.
  • Elizabeth "Lizzie" Yakobashvili ('14) has been accepted to Hunter College (CUNY) MSW program.
  • Ruth Sacks was accepted to Fordham University's MSW program.
  • Kelsey Gittler ('15) was accepted to Hofstra University's JD program.
  • Lauren Levin ('14) was accepted to the MSW programs at NYU, Fordham, Stony Brook, and Hunter.
  • Maria Streva ('14) was accepted to the MSW program at Hunter.
  • Meagan Bamberger ('11) will be starting the MSW program at Stony Brook in the fall.
  • Akeem Samuels ('16) got into the SUNY Albany MSW program.
  • Corryn Andrianus got into SUNY Albany MSW
  • Gretchen Kleinsmith (Soc minor) was accepted into Sage and Fairleigh for their Forensic Psychology MA programs.
  • Joseph Russo ('16) was accepted into the JD program at Pace University Law School.
  • Anairis Gomez ('15) was accepted at CUNY Hunter College MSW program.

Service Learning: News of our students joining service learning experiences this year are:

  • Leah Bernstein ('16) got into City Year in NYC. She also got into Hunter for grad school, but is deferring to do City Year.
  • Jeremy Acevedo ('15) has been offered a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in the Czech Republic.
  • Paola Rodriguez (’15) just got a New York City Teaching Fellowship.

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