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Undergraduate Research





In an effort to encourage and support the connections between undergraduate student learning and faculty scholarship, the Office of Academic Affairs will provide support for faculty-mentored student scholarship through the Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Program. Support will be provided for activities that create new knowledge or works in ways commensurate with practices in the discipline. The expectation of this program is to further the education experience of our students through active participation in their field of study. This program is open to all faculty wishing to mentor students in projects that enable the student to achieve beyond that which is possible in the classroom.

Faculty mentors will direct and provide guidance to participating students as they work on a specific project (which may be a particular aspect of the faculty's research program) during the course of a semester. Each student will meet weekly with their faculty mentor to discuss progress and problems that may arise during the semester. This interaction will allow students the opportunity to gain experience in communicating their plans and questions associated with their project. Graduate students and undergraduates may also apply for research funds through the Student Association's Research Project line.

» Fall 2018 AYURE Call for Proposals (.docx)
** Please contact the RSCA Director (morrowm@newpaltz.edu, X3776) with your proposal application questions.

Deadlines for AYURE proposals are typically in the 12th-13th week of the semester. A second call for fall proposals is typically sent out at the beginning of the fall semester with an early September deadline.

Download the AYURE proposal evaluation sheet (Word)

ayureexample. This proposal was considered excellent by all members of the RSCA Advisory Board.


The Spring 2018 AYURE Projects:

Yura Yokoyama, Anthropology, '18

(Mentor: Benjamin Junge, Anthropology)

Ethnic, National, and Class Identities among Japanese-Brazilians 

Michelle Pirrone, Mechanical Engineering, '20

(Mentor: Spencer Mass, Biology)

Amphibious locomotion in ambystomoid salamanders  

Jennifer Luu, Mechanical Engineering, '19

(Mentor: Rachmadian Wulandana, Mechanical Engineering)

Self-unfolding mechanism for ultra-light wings

 Jessica Siconolfi, Biochemistry, '19

(Mentor: Jennifer Turner Waldo, Biology)

Genetic analysis of plant-derived ingredients in pet foods



The Fall 2017 AYURE Projects:

James Araneo, Mechanical Engineering, `18
(Mentor: Rachmadian Wulandana, Mechanical Engineering)
Energy Harvesting from Vortex-induced Autorotating Bladeless Turbine

Katherine Dobosh, Biology & Psychology/Evolutionary Studies
(Mentor: Lydia Bright, Biology)
Tracking Relatedness between Paramecium Isolates from Local Ponds

Simone Evans, Mathematics/Biochemistry, `19
(Mentor: Anca Radulescu, Mathematics)
Dynamic Behavior in Networks of Complex Quadratic Maps

Ashley Fisher, Biology/ Spanish, `19
(Mentor: Maureen Morrow, Biology)
The Effect of Atrazine on the Cytoskeletal Structure of Jurkat Cells

Amber Funk, Biology,`19
Brett Pinsky, Biochemestry, `18
Nicholas Wills, Bilology, `18
(Mentor: Spencer Mass, Biology)
Comparison of BPA with Paclitaxel on Regeneration in Planaria 

Brittany Grandville, Biochemistry/ Business Administration,`18
(Mentor: Jason Valens, Biology)
Metagenomic analysis of Brazilian Amazon river sediments

Jaclyn Greco, Adolescence Education, Concentration in Mathematics
(Mentor: Kate McCoy, Educational Studies and Leadership)
History, Educational Policy, & Ideology: A Systems Approach

Alyna Klein, Theatre Arts/Visual Arts `18
(Mentor: Ken Goldstein, Theater Arts)
Scenic Design and Research for Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, by Christopher SergelChristina

Christina Krause, Psychology/Psychobiology, `18
Danielle Longo, Psychology/Sociology, `18
(Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi, Psychology)
Young Infants’ Facial Expression and Affective Responses to Impossible Figures 

Cuiyu Kuang, Mechanical Engineering. `18
(Mentor: Heather Lai, Engineering)
Modeling and Characterization of Viscoelastic 3D Printed Materials

Sawyer McFadden, Environmental Geothermal Science/Computer Science, `18
(Mentor: David Richardson, Biology)
Nutrient Profiles of Lakes with Differing Trophic States in the Shawangunk Mountains

Troy Moody, Biochemistry / Philosophy `19
(Mentors: Pamela St. John and Spencer Mass)
Correlation between BPA absorption and regeneration in planaria

Sarice Olson, Theatre Arts `17
(Mentor: Ken Goldstein, Theater Arts)
Scenic Design and Research for William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Arjeta Prenaj, International Relations, Spanish `17
(Mentor:  Kate McCoy, Educational Studies and Leadership)
What Policy Makers Say About How Drug Policy is Made 

Kirsten Walsh, Theatre Arts/History `18
(Mentor: Andrea Varga, Theatre Arts)
Costume Design & Illustrations for To Kill a Mockingbird by Christopher Sergel based upon the novel by Harper Lee



The Spring 2016 AYURE Projects:

Joseph Dunstan, Chemistry, ‘17 (Mentor: Frantz Folmer-Anderson, Chemistry)
Investigation of Molecular Recognition by Novel Macrocycles

Elizabeth Levy, Psychology/Sociology, ’17 (Mentor: Glenn Geher, Psychology)
Behavioral Correlates of Neanderthal Genetic Overlap 

Tobin Mathew, Biology/Physics, ’17 (Mentor: Spencer Mass, Biology)
Comparative Kinematics of Gait in Ambystomoid Salamanders

Jaclyn Greco, Secondary Education, ‘18 (Mentor: Kate McCoy, Educational Studies)
Understanding the Impact of Charter Schools: A Preliminary Study

Steven Roberts, Contemporary Music Studies, ‘17 (Mentor: Alex Peh, Music)
Karl Heinz Stockhausen’s Tierkreis Arranged for Piano Duet


The Fall 2015 AYURE Projects:

Elizabeth Mallinson, Theatre Arts: Design and Technology, ‘16 (Mentor: Ken Goldstein, Theatre Arts)
Projection Design for William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Dana Weintraub, Theatre Arts/English Literature, ‘16 (Mentor: Ken Goldstein, Theatre Arts)
Scenic Design and Research for William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Maddie-Blair Wright, Biology, ‘16 (Mentor: Aaron Haselton, Biology)
A Comparative Investigation of Thermal Stress Resistance in the Invasive Paper Wasp, Polistes dominulus, and its Native Counterpart, Polistes fuscatus

Chevonne McInnis, Physics, ‘16 (Mentor: Catherine Herne, Physics and Astronomy)
Measuring Rotation Rates of Optically Rotating Asymmetrical Absorbing Objects

Ann O’Brien, Physics/Mathematics, ‘16 (Mentor: Catherine Herne, Physics and Astronomy)
Manipulating Birefringent Crystals with Polarization Singularity Modes

Christina Johnson, Biology, ’16, Alvin Mathew, Biology, ‘16 (Mentor: Spencer Mass, Biology)
Developing Planarian Blastemal Cell Culture Techniques for Confocal Imaging

Renato Lúcio de Carvalho, Chemistry, ’16, Isadora Maria Vicente da Silva, Chemistry, ’16,
John Hoffman, Biochemistry, ‘16 (Mentors: Maureen Morrow, Biology, Preeti Dhar, Chemistry)
Phytochemical and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Heracleum maximum Extracts

Bethany O’Hara, Biology, ‘17 (Mentors: Maureen Morrow, Biology, Frantz Folmer-Anderson, Chemistry)
Purification and Characterization of an Antifungal Metabolite

Jessica Mortensen, Anthropology/Biochemistry, ‘17 (Mentor: Kenneth Nystrom, Anthropology)
Dietary Reconstruction of the Impact of Romanization at the site of Nadin, Croatia

Rachel Marra, Physics/Astronomy, 16 (Mentor: Anca Radulescu, Mathematics)
A Systems Model of Brain Dynamics in Compulsive Behavior

Ari Pignattelli, Mechanical Engineering, ‘17 (Mentor: Anca Radulescu, Mathematics)
Dynamic Behavior for Networks of Coupled Complex Logistic Maps

Angela Chen, ’15, Matthew Farragher, ’16, both Environmental Geochemical Science (Mentor: David Richardson, Biology)
Water Chemistry and Zooplankton Dynamics Across the Sky Lakes

Kyle F. Law, Psychology/Economics, ‘16 (Mentor: Corwin Senko, Psychology)
Math Magic Study

Gabrielle Buck, Environmental Geochemical Science, ‘16 (Mentor: Ekaterina Shemyakova, Mathematics)
Orbits of Darboux Transformations of Type I

Simon Li, Economics/Mathematics, ‘17 (Mentor: Ekaterina Shemyakova, Mathematics)
Darboux Transformations and Berezinians

Abigail Fagan, Chemistry, 17 (Mentor: Pamela St. John, Chemistry)
Fluorescence Detection of Xenoestrogens Using HPLC

Nicholas Golom, Biology, ‘16 (Mentor: Jason Valens, Biology)
Comparison of Metagenomic Representations of Biofilm Populations with Confocal Visualization using Species-specific Fluorescent DNA Probes

Krista Arena, Theatre Arts, ‘16 (Mentor: Andrea Varga, Theatre Arts)
Costume Design & Illustrations for A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller: A production of the Theatre Arts Department

Rachel Amelia Rienecker, Theatre Arts, ‘17 (Mentor: Andrea Varga, Theatre Arts)
Costume Design & Illustrations for The Great Gatsby: A Blackbox production of the Theatre Arts Department

Julie Planke, Psychology, ‘16 (Mentor: Sarah Shuwairi, Psychology)
Developmental Differences in Oculomotor Activity toward Possible and Impossible Figures

David Weddle, History, ‘16 (Mentor: Heinz Insu Fenkl, English)
Korean History for Babos (Babo is the Korean word for “dummy”)

Download a list of AYURE projects since fall 2007 (Excel)

Students who have participated in the SURE and AYURE programs will be invited to apply for the Travel Award for Undergraduates. This award supports attendance at a professional conference to present the faculty-mentored research results. Attendance at professional conference will continue the research experience by enabling the student to participate in the professional environment of sharing knowledge and creative projects. The Travel Award application and information can be found at the RSCA Conference Travel Funds page.