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Data Analysis

Data Analysis Directions

In a data analysis paper, you are asked to describe the way in which you have analyzed data, your results and the conclusions you draw from the results. Your paper would include the following sections.

I. Introduction

a. The introduction is a brief overview of the source of your data and the purpose of your analysis.

II. Data Analysis Results

a. Depending on the specific assignment, this section will contain a description of the data analysis techniques you employed.

b. Data analysis results are reported

III. Conclusions/Discussion

a. This section contains a descriptive discussion of the meaning of your results. In this section, you actually discuss the implications of your findings. If you are solving a problem, for example, what solutions are suggested by your analysis? What action should be taken as a result of your findings?

b. What are the limitations of your data or finding? What questions are left unanswered? How could these limitations be overcome in future analyses?