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School of Business

Presentation Skills

Communication is an important learning objective in the School of Business. Oral communication, specifically presentation skills, are emphasized in our program. This page provides a variety of resources to help you improve your presentation skills.

Presentation Skills Rubric

The presentation_skills_rubric is used in the School of Business to assess student presentations. The levels of performance listed on the rubric illustrate what is expected of our students.

Professional Attire

Professional attire is an important part of a business presentation. Although not all presentations require business professional attire, most will require at least business casual. The following two links provide very detailed and helpful information for students considering what to wear for a presentation (or an interview).

Business Professional Attire (interview attire)

Business Casual Attire

Using Powerpoint Effectively

Many business presentations utilize Powerpoint, or other presentation software, to display information. The success of a presentation depends on the effective use of this software. Here are some links to more information about effective and ineffective use of Powerpoint.

Tips for Using Powerpoint Effectively

Effective Use of Powerpoint in the Classroom

Additional Resources about Powerpoint Use

Presentation Skills Videos

There are many online sources about how to improve your presentation skills. Here are a few.

Introducing Your Presentation

Improving Your Eye Contact

Pausing and Pacing

Demonstrating Enthusiasm