School of Business

Becoming a Business Major

How do I become a Business Major?

Acceptance as a major into the School of Business is not automatic; rather it is based on overall academic performance in selected courses.


Declaring A Major

To declare a pre-major or major, contact the School's Director of Business Advising, Rendesia Scott, at 845-257-2909 or stop by the Center for Business Advising, VH 206. Please bring your academic folder or copies of all college transcripts with you.


Conditional Major Status

An incoming matriculated student with a math placement level (MPL) of 2 or below may declare a Conditional major (0000B). This will allow the student to receive advising from the School of Business while working on completing the criteria for declaring a pre-major or major into the School of Business.


Pre-Major Status (Students with 0-44 credits only)

Incoming matriculated students who have an interest in Business and a MPL of 3 or more.


Existing matriculated students with 44 credits or less, the required New Paltz cumulative GPA (2.75), a MPL of 3 or more, and have NOT completed the pre-major requirements.


Intention Stage Major Status (Students with 45 credits or more) 

Incoming matriculated transfer students with the intention to pursue a business degree AND have not completed the pre-major/final stage requirements (see below). All students within the Intention Stage of their Major Status that have not advanced to their Competency Stage by the completion of 24 New Paltz credits are subject to a mandatory change of major.


Competency Stage Major Status (Final Stage: must be obtained in order to graduate) 

Existing matriculated students that have proven competency by the completion of all pre-major requirements. This stage requires the completion of the following pre-major requirements.


Pre-Major/Final Stage Requirements:

In order to move into the Competency Stage of the Major, all students must successfully complete all of the requirements (or their equivalents --as determined by Departmental policy) and must have a minimum grade of C- in each of them:

    • BUS093 Business Workshop
    • BUS201 Financial Accounting (Minimum C+ for Accounting Majors)
    • ECO206 Microeconomics
    • ECO207 Macroeconomics
    • ENG160 English Composition I
    • ENG180 English Composition II
    • MAT171 Mathematical Methods for Business OR MAT181 Precalculus (i.e.,
      obtain a math placement level (MPL) of 5)
    • Cumulative SUNY New Paltz GPA of 2.75 (4.00 GPA scale)


Degree Completion Requirement 

Please note that students must receive a C- or better in all business courses. If a student receives below a C-, then the student must take the course again. Students can only register for a course twice. A third and final registration must be approved by the Dean.