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School of Business

Business Student Associations

The AFA holds workshops throughout the year on topics such as resume writing, dining etiquette and forensic accounting, as well as hosts accounting and finance speakers.

The AFA collaborates with the Career Resource Center to organize the Accounting & Finance Career Symposium, which is an evening of networking for employers and students held every October.  About 75 students and employers representing accounting and finance companies regionally and in NYC attend this event. 

For information about joining the AFA, please e-mail the advisor, Professor Don Furman.


American Marketing Association (AMA)

The AMA competes each year at the AMA's Annual International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans. New Paltz was selected as one of the Top 16 collegiate chapters at the conference in 2013. The colleges are judged on the quality of their strategic marketing plan and annual report submitted for the contest. New Paltz received a bronze chapter award, making this the fourth year in a row the college has placed in the Top 16.

The AMA also coordinates the Business Day Conference held each fall, which attracts over 100 students from New Paltz, as well as surrounding colleges. The conference includes a keynote address and a variety of workshops.

The AMA has completed dozens of marketing research studies and strategic market plans for small or nonprofit organizations. This provides marketing students a "hands-on" opportunity to learn the process of marketing in a real business situation.

During the semester, both independently and in concert with other professional student chapters, the AMA offers programs of interest to both marketing and business majors, i.e., networking events, workshops, attendance at professional conferences, and company visits.

For information about joining the AMA, please e-mail the advisor,  Professor Chris Napolitano.


Business Analytics Club

Who we are: A team of talented, inquisitive students from various disciplines interested in learning more about the field of analytics while simultaneously applying this knowledge in realistic scenarios.

What we do: We analyze real world data sets and draw meaningful conclusions that positively impact business ventures from various industries.

For information about joining the AMA, please e-mail the advisor, Professor Shuguang Liu.


Business Association for Students of Color (B.A.S.C.)

 The Business Association for Students of Color (B.A.S.C.) is a student-run organization that focuses on promoting diversity within the campus community, as well as the business world. B.A.S.C. aims to act as a resource to unite its members with the academic and professional community through networking, business events, mentorship, and community service.  Additionally, the B.A.S.C. provides students with the necessary skills to succeed and become the future leaders of tomorrow. All are welcome to join.


  • To encourage our members to strive for excellence   
  • To promote the business major and minor   
  • To develop leadership, communication, teamwork, and networking skills  in our members   
  • To provide our members with scholarship and career opportunities, in connection with Senior Career Counselor, Christine Daly, and the Career Resource Center   
  • To develop and maintain an Alumni network   
  • To promote leadership within the School of Business.

For information about joining B.A.S.C., please e-mail the advisor, Rendesia Scott.


 Dean's Student Advisory Board (DSAB)

The DSAB is a student-centered team of selected undergraduate and graduate School of Business students who are committed to act as a confidential liaison between the students and the dean. The DSAB devises solutions to issues of primary concern to students, promotes ideas that contribute to the advancement of students as they prepare to enter the business world, such as the Business Plan Contest, Investment Initiative and student debates, and coordinates business student association activities to increase collaboration and reduce duplication. Students are nominated by the DSAB and appointed by the Dean.

For information about joining the DSAB, please visit the webpage.


Enactus (formerly Students in Free Enterprise- SIFE)

Enactus' mission is to provide students the best opportunity to make a difference and to develop leadership, teamwork and communication skills through learning, practicing and teaching the principles of free enterprise. Projects focus on market economics, success skills, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, environmental sustainability, business ethics and team sustainability. Past projects include: holding a student vendor festival; teaching New Paltz Middle School students how to effectively raise funds; partnering with Project Have Hope to promote economic stability among women and children in Uganda; and creating a business plan to distribute donated goods to local charities and those in need. This group competes at the regional conference in New York City each spring.

For more information contact the New Paltz Sam Walton Free Enterprise Fellow and Enactus' faculty advisor, Professor Rief Kanan.


Hawk Investment Club

The Hawk Investment Club exists to further its member’s knowledge on the various investment methods and strategies in a team-oriented environment. The Hawk Investment Club seeks to gain portfolio value, engage members in intellectual discourse through presentations, club discussions, and guest speakers. The Hawk Investment Club will foster a positive social environment for networking, education, and fun.

For information about joining, please e-mail the advisor, Professor Don Furman.


The Management Association (MA)

In the past, the MA has coordinated numerous events and workshops that provided students with a better understanding of management and business, including workshops on human resource's strategic role in business, leadership, ethics in business, ways job applicants can differentiate themselves, and time management. In addition, the MA arranged for students to attend professional conferences and visit local businesses to develop a firsthand look at the daily tasks of a manager.

For additional information about MA please contact the faculty advisor, Professor Chris Napolitano.


The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA, Inc.), is a nonprofit membership association dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap for black professionals in the accounting, finance and related business professions. Representing more than 200,000 black professionals in these fields, NABA advances people, careers, and the mission by providing education, resources, and meaningful career connections to both professional and student members, fulfilling the principle of our motto: Lifting As We Climb

Mission- The mission of NABA, Inc. is to address the professional needs of its members and to build leaders that shape the future of the accounting and finance profession with an unfaltering commitment to inspire the same in their successors. The Association shall unite through membership accountants, finance and business related professionals and students who have similar interests and ideals, are committed to professional and academic excellence, possess a sense of professional and civic responsibility, and are concerned with enhancing opportunities for minorities in the accounting, finance and business related professions. For information, please email naba.newpaltz.gmail.com.



Toastmasters is a student lead club that provides members the tools and practice they need to develop Public speaking and leadership skills. For information about joining Toastmasters, please email Newpaltztoastmasters@gmail.com.