computer on table

Digital Learning Readiness

Is online learning right for me?  

Online learning is different from seated courses in some important ways.  Before you enroll in an online course or program, consider taking the SUNY Online Sutdent Success Inventory to help assess your readiness for online learning, and be sure to ask yourself:

  • Do you have access to a computer?  While hand-held mobile devices can connect you to your online course, you will likely find that many online course tasks are best accomplished on a desktop, laptop, or tablet.  
  • Do you have access to a reliable internet connection? It is essential that you have access to reliable internet in order to succeed in your online courses.  Sporadic or unreliable service not only cuts you off from access to your course content, it may jeopardize completion of timed tests or other learning activities.
  • Are you comfortable with technology?  Many online courses require students to upload documents or recordings, search the internet, use word processing and spreadsheet tools, create and record presentations, and use myriad other technology-based activities.  
  • Are you self-starting and disciplined?  All online coruses, but especially asynchronous courses, require students to take the initiative to read carefully, reach out with questions, manage their time, and meet deadlines.  

If online education is a good fit for you, then find out how to receive credit with flexible scheduling and courses that work with your needs.