LGBTQ Community at New Paltz

Lavender Celebration

A yearly celebratory event to honor and acknowledge the contributions of our LGBTQ+ identified graduating seniors. Lavender Ceremony typically happens in May of the Spring semester, with registration opening around March and closing mid-April. 


Who is Lavender Celebration for? 

  • The Lavender Celebration is intended to honor those students who identify as LGBTQ+, both individually and as a group.   If you happen to be a straight ally, you are absolutely welcome to attend the event as a guest, but you do NOT need to register.  While anyone is welcome to attend, honorees will be students who are part of the LGBTQ+ Community. 

What happens during the ceremony? 

  • Similar to graduation ceremonies, we will have several guest speakers.  In addition, we will announce and read off each honoree’s name 

Who needs to register for Lavender Celebration? 

  • You only need to register if you wish to be honored as an LGBTQ+ student during the ceremony.  If you simply wish to attend/watch the ceremony and support honorees, registration is not required. 

How do I find out when registration opens or stay up to date with information? 

  • We will have sign-ups for more information on Lavender Ceremony available at the 100 Days Until Graduation event. Additionally, you can follow @nplgbtq on Instagram for more up-to-date information. Feel free to email Nico Martinez Olivera at with any questions.


2023 Photos


2023 Photos