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LGBTQ Community at New Paltz

LGBTQ Community at New Paltz
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Chosen Name Policy and Gender Inclusive Housing


Gender Inclusive Housing

The Office of Residence Life has designed various residency options on campus as gender inclusive. These residence options allow a student of any gender identity to live with another student of any gender identity. The inclusive housing options are within Bevier, Deyo, Dubois and Lenape Halls. New entry transgender (or gender nonconforming) students seeking on-campus gender-neutral housing should contact the Office of Residence Life directly at 845-257-4444 to discuss options and needs.


LGBTQ+ Housing

In addition to our gender-inclusive housing, New Paltz also offers Rivera House: A LGBTQIA+ Living-Learning Community.  Participants of this program will be housed together in the same area within a residence hall.  For more information, check out the Rivera House website.

Incoming first-year students, transfer students, and current SUNY New Paltz students:  Are you interested in Rivera House?  Apply here!


Chosen/Preferred Name

Students, faculty or staff who wishes to be identified on campus, by preferred or chosen name must complete the Chosen Name Form and bring it to Records & Registration along with your college ID.

The individual's chosen name will appear in my.newpaltz.edu in the "You are logged in as" message. In addition, for students, faculty will see their preferred name when using the following faculty services: Blackboard, class rosters, mid-term evaluations, final grade submissions, advisee listings, and on the student transcript search page.

PLEASE NOTE: Chosen names cannot be listed on the transcripts or diplomas because these are legal documents.  Chosen names cannot be listed on campus IDs because they are used off campus and require the use of legal names. Chosen names are only for on campus use.

If campus community members would like their IDs to reflect their chosen name, have their chosen name printed on diplomas/transcripts, they must change their name legally.

Lastly, for students, if you wish to have your chosen name utilized for Tapingo, you must change your name on the app.  Open the app on your smartphone. Tap the menu in the upper left corner (two dashed lines).  In the menu, select settings.  Under your email address, your first and last name should display.  Simply tap on your name to type, edit, and change the information to your chosen name.