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LGBTQ Community at New Paltz

New Paltz Allies Program

The New Paltz LGBTQ+ Allies Program has re-launched!  Registration for upcoming workshops and information on our new updates can be found below.


What is the New Paltz LGBTQ+ Allies Program?

The New Paltz LGBTQ+ Allies are a network of faculty, staff, and students who offer support, communication, and dialogue on issues surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity. We aim to educate and foster greater respect and understanding for a diverse LGBTQ+ community. The New Paltz Allies work to promote a safe and inclusive campus.

The program offers a two-hour interactive training workshop which provides an opportunity for discussion, resource materials, and information regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. By attending the facilitated workshop and agreeing to become an Ally, you will get a logo hang tag to put on your office or residence hall door.  This will signify to the campus community that you are an Ally and are open and willing to serve as a resource for anyone seeking assistance with LGBTQ+ issues and concerns.


Upcoming Workshops:

Listed below is our currently scheduled workshops.  Please check back frequently, as additional training dates will be posted throughout the semester.  You can register for any of our workshop dates here.

Date Time Location Audience
Wednesday, February 19th  12:00-2:00pm Student Union 401 All

Additional workshop dates will be announced soon.  Stay tuned!

Interested in attending a workshop but cannot make any currently scheduled?  Sign up here to be notified of additional workshops.

What's new?

  • Online workshop registration. 
  • Comprehensive website updates. All resources and other information on all of our campus LGBTQ+ services are offered online. 
  • You commented, we listened.  We took into consideration the valuable feedback our current Allies provided us regarding our program.  We improved and modified some of the content presented during the workshop.
  • Departmental Workshops:  Have a large department?  Would you like your entire staff or organization trained together?   Supervisors can schedule workshops by contacting Emma Morcone, LGBTQ Coordinator, at morconee@newpaltz.edu.