LGBTQ Community at New Paltz

Campus Gender Neutral Bathroom List



All Gender Restrooms—Building List

Updated November 2022





Ashokan Hall



Awosting Hall (as of 12/2023)



Bliss Hall



Bouton Hall





Capen Hall


Child Care Center


Elting Gym (connected to AWC)



Engineering Innovation Hub


Esopus Hall


Faculty Office Building


Gage Hall


Grimm House (International Programs)


Haggerty Admin. Building (HAB)









Health Center


Hopfer House (Admissions)



Jacobsen Faculty Tower (JFT)

JFT was confirmed on 11-17-22 and

new signs will be added at each location.




Minnewaska Hall



Mohonk Hall


Peregrine Dining Hall


Old Library


Old Main


Resnick Engineering


Ridgeview Hall







Science Hall



Scudder Hall



Shawangunk Hall


Smiley Art Building


Sojourner Truth Library


South Faculty Building


Student Union Building


Vandenberg Annex


Wooster Hall



Basement:             (2 Locations)

1st Floor                (2 Locations)



1st Floor


1st Floor               


Basement             (6 Locations)

1st Floor               (11 Locations)

2nd Floor              (14 Locations)

3rd Floor              (14 Locations)




1st Floor


Lower Level       (Near pool corridor, with shower)


2nd Floor


1st Floor                (2 Locations)


1st Floor                (4 Locations)


1st floor


2nd Floor


2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor

5th Floor

6th Floor

7th Floor

8th Floor

9th Floor


1st Floor


1st Floor

2nd Floor



2nd floor

3rd Floor

5th floor

7th floor



1st  Floor              (2 Locations)


1st Floor                (2 Locations)


2nd Floor


1st Floor                  (2 Locations)          


Ground Floor      (Near Studley Theatre)


Ground Floor


Basement             (Near Laundry Room)

1st Floor               (Near Seminar Room)

1st Floor               (2 locations in lobby, 2 in café)

1st – 3rd Floors       56 Single use for residents,
                              includes shower.



2nd Floor



1st Floor




First Floor (near Rm. 106)


Main Floor


1st Floor


4th Floor


3rd Floor


2nd Floor




Total Current Locations = 161 (162, if we add the paper signs at JFT 4th Floor).