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Faculty: Guest Lecturer

Paul Harvey Jr.

He has been called “America’s Storyteller.”

Award-winning journalist, author, playwright, pianist, composer, and broadcaster Paul Harvey Jr. is creator, producer, and writer of the longest-running and most popular series in radio history The Rest of the Story®.

Born and reared in Chicago, Paul Harvey Aurandt II received a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in piano performance from Chicago Musical College. His musical credits include a successful twelve-year concert career and numerous original compositions, among them an opera and the formidable half-hour-long Sonata in B-Flat Minor.

Honors in connection with radio and writing include his induction into The Radio Hall of Fame, two Edward R. Murrow Awards for writing, and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Radio Broadcasting presented by the New York Festivals—the only international award in the field of radio.