Educational Opportunity Program

Academic Support Resources

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EOP Writing Tutoring

  • All first year EOP students participate in writing tutoring and support. 
  • Students who place into and are enrolled in a Supplemental Writing Workshop (SWW) section of English 160 or ENG 170 will utilize the built in writing support in those courses, offered through the English Department. 
  • All first year EOP students who are not placed into SWW will sign up for a professionally led EOP Writing Tutoring group after the add/drop period of each semester.  This ensures that all students have access to writing support. 
  • Group sizes are kept small to allow for access to one on one support for each student.  
  • Supplemental Tutoring is also available for continuing students including some subject area and writing tutoring. 

EOP Writing Tutoring Groups Spring 2024        EOP Study Centers

EOP Academic Support Calendar             

EOP Supplemental Tutoring Spring 2024

EOP Math Tutoring

  • EOP students who are enrolled in a math course will be assigned an EOP Math Tutoring group after the add/drop period of each semester.
  • Groups are led by a professional tutor.
  • Groups available for most math courses. 
  • Group sizes are kept small to allow access to one-on-one support for each student.  

EOP Math Study Groups Spring 2024                 

EOP Academic Support Calendar

Campus Math & STEM Resources

The Mathematics Laboratory (courses & calendar) is a walk-in tutoring center offering help with mathematics for students enrolled in any course on campus. The lab is staffed primarily by adjunct faculty and student assistants.

The AC2 (AMP & CSTEP Community) Program at SUNY New Paltz promotes academic excellence and provides preparation, resources, and opportunities critical to student success. The goal of the AC² Program is to increase the number of students from historically underrepresented and low-income backgrounds pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and health-related fields. 

AC^2 Study Group Schedule Spring 24

Disability Resources

The Disability Resource Center provides services to students with permanent or temporary disabilities to ensure access to programs and activities in the pursuit of attaining their educational objectives.

Subject Tutoring and Peer Coaching 

The Center for Student Success is the SUNY New Paltz Learning Center. They help students with Subject Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Writer’s Studio and Peer Academic Coaching.

Sojourner Truth Library

The Sojourner Truth Library fosters learning and supports scholarship at SUNY New Paltz by providing an extensive array of information resources and services.