We deliver a first-class liberal arts education that teaches students to become skillful producers and consumers of communication, enriches the role of communication in their personal and professional lives, and prepares them to become leaders in their communities and in business. Our alumni go on to careers in government, business, social advocacy, education, global communication, and more. Students choose to concentrate in Relational, Organizational, or Strategic Communication. They learn the methodologies that open doors to grant-funded research and develop proposals and projects that can be extended to real-world clients. Click here for details about concentration major plans. Interested undergraduates enjoy an accelerated pathway into our new MA in Strategic Communication

Why Study Communication? 

Every day we harvest, consume, and create information on local and global scales, in personal and professional ways. Because communication is closely linked to the technological, social, and cultural forces that are rapidly changing our world, it is crucial to understand, critique, and design new messages. In this environment, it is becoming ever more important to be prepared to skillfully participate, navigate, and cope with communicative situations.


Components of Communication

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What is a Skilled Communicator?

Skilled communicators create messages through various channels (interpersonal, mediated, and networked channels) and in multiple settings. They are digital and media literate, ready to lead in public speaking, negotiation, debate, message designing, media planning, audience analysis, cultural understanding, and civic and democratic participation. 


Communication Career Map

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About the Department Faculty 

The faculty in the Department of Communication are innovative, expert teachers as well as active researchers. We are strongly committed to the Lower Hudson Valley region through our advocacy and outreach efforts. Within the largest college on campus, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Communication faculty advances the mission of SUNY New Paltz by delivering high-quality education in a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our faculty and students excel in discovery and innovation and build pathways for the exchange of knowledge and opportunity between the state, the nation, and the world. For more information about our department faculty, click here

Students and Alumni Testimonials:

“My experience as a non-traditional student, in the communications department here at SUNY New Paltz has been truly exceptional. Guided by faculty members who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, I've gained invaluable insights that have already proven to be immensely beneficial in both my personal and professional pursuits. The resources and information offered within this department are tailored to equip us with the tools and skills necessary to excel in our communication careers. I've thoroughly enjoyed the courses offered; they are not only engaging and informative but also provide a platform for the hands-on application of our knowledge.”  - Briana Taylor, Class of 2024

“My Communication Studies Major from SUNY New Paltz allowed me to utilize the knowledge I learned in the classroom and apply it across multiple industries. I currently work on cross-platform marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Entertainment, and my educational background enables me to communicate with diverse audiences & stakeholders and effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams. A major is what you make it, and a Communications & Media major provides you with a strong foundation as you begin your professional journey.” – Aileen Keaveney, Class of 2009, Director of Marketing at NBC Universal

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Meet the Faculty

View the department directory for our faculty's contact information, research interests, and more.

What will you learn in Communication Studies

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