Where is the Department of Communication located?
In the basement of the Coykendall Science Building – Room 51.

I'm thinking about becoming a Communication major. Who should I talk to?
You can talk to any of the professors in the department about becoming a major. However, Nancy Heiz ( is the department's pre-major advisor. She may decide to send you to talk to someone else if she thinks someone else can better answer any questions you may have.

How do I declare a Communication major or minor?
You must complete the Declaration of Major & Minor Form and send it to Amy Witkus, Administrative Assistant:

Advocacy, Community Engagement, Consulting,
Copywriting, Education, Fundraising, Government,
Human Resources, Market Research, Negotiation/
Confl ict Management, Politics, Promotional
Campaign Development, Public Relations,
Publishing, Social Media Managing
PR Firms, Nonprofi t Organizations, Entertainment,
Public Sector/Policy, Social Services, Political
Campaigns and Public Interest Groups, Sales,
Business and Community Development Firms,

Is there a GPA requirement for application?

Yes. Students desiring to major in either Interpersonal/Intercultural or Organizational Communication must have at least 30 credits and a 2.0 overall GPA. Students wanting to declare the Public Relations concentration must have completed 30 credits and have a 2.5 overall GPA.

How does the Department of Communication communicate important messages and information to declared majors?
The Department of Communication stays in close contact with declared majors via their Hawkmail e-mail accounts. Please check your Office 365 email account regularly to stay informed about important announcements, opportunities, and deadlines. Furthermore, your Hawkmail accounts are also used by many professors to communicate as well, so you should check them daily.

What classes do I need to graduate?
Please visit the Major Plans or Minor Plans pages for the respective course information to fulfill graduation requirements.

How do I locate contact information for a Communication Department professor?
Please visit the Meet the Faculty page for email and phone contact information. Although most professors will have their office hours posted on the Meet the Faculty page, we also have a list of all professors' office hours in the main office (CSB 51).

Where do I get forms for changing my major, petitioning to graduate, etc.?
Forms are kept in the Department of Communication office. They can also be downloaded.

How can I get a copy of my progress report?
Log into to view the most recent version of your progress report and to receive an unofficial transcript.

How do I go about changing my adviser?
Visit the Department of Communication Office to complete the necessary paperwork to have your adviser officially changed.

How do I join the Communication Honor Society?
Please go to the Lambda Pi Eta page to learn about membership criteria and the process for obtaining membership.

What are the prerequisites for upper division Communication courses?
For the most part, the Department of Communication attempts to limit the number of prerequisites for our upper division courses. Any and all prerequisites are listed in the course catalogue and can be viewed through the Course Schedule by clicking on the CRN listed next to every course.

Do any Communication courses fulfill General Education requirements?
Two of the courses within the Department of Communication fulfill General Education requirements: Storytelling and Culture (CMM 214) and Communication Among Cultures (CMM 359). Both of these are highly sought after classes on campus, so availability is often a problem for many students.

Does the Communication Department offer internship assistance for majors?
Not only does the Communication Department encourage internships for our majors, we also have an Internship Coordinator, Nancy Heiz (