Students and Alumni Testimonials

“My experience as a non-traditional student, in the communications department here at SUNY New Paltz has been truly exceptional. Guided by faculty members who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, I've gained invaluable insights that have already proven to be immensely beneficial in both my personal and professional pursuits. The resources and information offered within this department are tailored to equip us with the tools and skills necessary to excel in our communication careers. I've thoroughly enjoyed the courses offered; they are not only engaging and informative but also provide a platform for the hands-on application of our knowledge.”  - Briana Taylor, Class of 2024

"I am grateful for the skilled professors and intimate class sizes I had along the way. The Instructors and Communication students get to know each other well, it's so personal and truly special." - Sophia Root, Class of 2024

“My Communication classes helped me immensely [when seeking out ‘real world’ jobs] - I had actual case study projects to share in interviews and could "speak the business lingo" I learned in some of my more senior courses. My Communication major enabled me to get my foot in the door with the basics, where I applied my learning to industry scenarios and software. I'm so thankful for my time and experience at New Paltz for building the foundation for my career.” - Stephanie Black, Class of 2016, Advertising and Marketing

“A degree in Communications from this progressive university left me well-equipped with the knowledge required to function as an effective leader in my organization. But to me, most importantly, my time at SUNY New Paltz cemented in me the need to always keep learning and to do it without fear.” - Jill Cronin, Class of 2015, Director, Greenwood Lake Public Library

“My Communication Studies Major from SUNY New Paltz allowed me to utilize the knowledge I learned in the classroom and apply it across multiple industries. I currently work on cross-platform marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands in Entertainment, and my educational background enables me to communicate with diverse audiences & stakeholders and effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams. A major is what you make it, and a Communications & Media major provides you with a strong foundation as you begin your professional journey.” – Aileen Keaveney, Class of 2009, Director of Marketing at NBC Universal

“My experience at New Paltz studying Communications helped mold me to best articulate and relate to people in the work environment. This has helped earn trust in the business environment and helps set you apart from other professionals you compete with. . . . I’m thankful for what this degree has helped me accomplish, and if your work ethic is there, it will pay off.” -  Tyler Terlecky, Class of 2009, Global Account Executive at Salesforce