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So, you're thinking about possibly majoring in The Department of Communication? The Department of Communication offers a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies in one of three different concentrations: Interpersonal/Intercultural Communication, Organizational Communication, and Public Relations. 

The Communication major emphasizes an understanding of communication principles and humanistic and social scientific approaches to communication studies in a variety of different contexts. The major provides a foundation for graduate work, or for a career in any profession that deals with the public (e.g., politics, law, business, social work, or teaching).

Department Major Concentrations

One of the best ways to learn more about our programs is to look at the major plans we have for the different concentrations. Click on the following concentration titles to see the major plan.

Interpersonal & Intercultural Communication Concentration

The Interpersonal/Intercultural concentration in Communication Studies emphasizes human contact in a variety of contexts. In this concentration, Intercultural communication dynamics are folded together with Interpersonal communication, providing the student with a broad spectrum of human communication knowledge and skills. Students will also develop knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research.

Organizational Communication Concentration

The study of organizational communication examines the relationship between the nature of organizing and communicating processes in various contexts. Organizational communication offers students a chance to reflect and analyze numerous organizational processes that will enable them to better understand how communicative behaviors are central to organizing. For instance, examinations of interpersonal or group relations, informal and formal communication practices, elements of power within organizations, and interaction with computer technology. Furthermore, the program encourages students to apply what they are learning in courses like negotiation, small group communication, public relations, and talent development. Students will also develop knowledge of qualitative and quantitative research.

Public Relations Concentration

The Public Relations Concentration in Communication is a unique program offering student courses that cover historical, technological, critical, and ethical analyses and overviews of Public Relations from the Office to Propagate the Faith in the 1500s right up to Social Media and Viral Communication in the 21st Century. Students learn persuasive tactics in multi-media formats (from phonetic literacy to viral videos), understand various publics and stakeholders from multiple perspectives, and conduct actual skills based learning in traditional and social media. Graduates of the Public Relations Concentration over the past 10 years have gone on to graduate schools across the U.S. and Europe, careers in social media and project management in health communication, entertainment industries, political communication, and non-governmental and non-profit communication.

Not sure if a major in Communication is right for you? Check out our minor instead.

Communication Faculty

Janice Anderson, Ph.D.

Donna Flayhan, Ph. D.

Adolfo Garcia, Ph.D.

Anne Goding, M.A.

Julie Taylor, Ph.D.

Katherine Thweatt, Ed.D.

Jason Wrench, Ed.D.

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