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College of Liberal Arts & Sciences > Communication & Media

Phone: (845) 257-3450
Location: Coykendall Science Building Room 51
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The Department of Communication & Media offers majors in Communication Studies, Digital Media Production, Digital Media Programming & Management, and Journalism. All of these majors lead to either the bachelor of arts (B.A.) or bachelor of science (B.S.) degree, blending technical and theoretical courses that can lead to graduate study or a variety of careers, from journalism to media to public relations to corporate and public communication. We also offer minors in Communication Studies and Journalism and, in conjunction with the Department of Art History (School of Fine & Performing Arts), an interdisciplinary minor in Film & Video Studies.

The Digital Media Production program offers students a strong liberal arts foundation and an opportunity to develop up-to-date professional skills that prepare them to succeed within the diverse and burgeoning world of digital media, particularly in digital production for film and television. Students will learn that engaging storytelling, solid research, and careful attention to ethical considerations are essential, whether working in documentary, narrative, or news-gathering contexts. The web portfolios they create as a final project will demonstrate students' ability to use the latest tools of digital audio and video to create high-quality, marketable content for film and television. Digital Media Production majors will apply their knowledge to a professional setting by participating in a required internship.

The Digital Media Programming & Management major ensures full exposure to new technologies and the business functions of emerging technologies. It combines a solid liberal arts foundation with both theoretical and theory-based practical courses through which students will learn to make critical evaluations of content; understand the historical development and current trends in media content, programming strategies, and information and communication technologies; recognize and interpret trends in the U.S. and global media business; understand media law and regulations and media management practices; develop basic skills in audiovisual production for entrepreneurial, commercial, and non-profit media ventures; and plan and develop their own converged media content distribution sites.

Students who select a concentration in Public Relations take a combination of theoretical and practical courses in journalism, ethics, persuasion, media and advertising, as well as public relations. The concentration prepares public relations practitioners to become communication experts within corporate, non-profit and government organizations, and public relations agencies. Students learn how to write and design public relations materials and how to plan public relations campaigns and special events. Both oral and written communication skills are emphasized. Learning how to conduct research is also an important component.

The Journalism and Media programs are housed in a building wing with two computer labs for writing; one computer lab for editing and graphics; two video editing suites, including computers for multi-media production; and two audio studios complete with editing facilities. There is also a lounge/reading-seminar room for students taking Communication & Media courses.

Students wishing to declare a major in any program of the Department of Communication & Media must have completed a minimum of 30 credits of college-level work.  A 2.80 GPA is required for entry into the Digital Media Production and Digital Media Programming & Management majors; the Communication Studies and Journalism majors (except for the concentration in Public Relations) require at least a 2.00 GPA; a 2.50 GPA is required for the Public Relations concentration. See the Department office, Web page, or the Office of Undergraduate Admission for specific requirements and deadlines.

Students may not receive a grade lower than "C-" in any course considered part of their major program.

Communication & Media Programs: