Asian Studies


Asian Studies Minor - 18 credits

The minor offers a valuable introduction to the integrated study of Asian languages and culture, for students pursuing degrees in disciplines such as Anthropology, Art History, History, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, and others. Students in the Business and Education professions find the minor in Asian Studies beneficial in demonstrating a familiarity with the Asia-Pacific region and its languages. Additionally, for students of Asian descent, the minor can help deepen appreciation of their heritage.

Declaring the Minor

When declaring the Minor, students meet with a faculty advisor in Asian Studies.

Language Study 8 credits

Each Minor completes one year of language study in either Chinese or Japanese. Students with language proficiency in these or other Asian languages may take 8 credits in other Asian Studies courses.

Electives 10 credits

Each minor takes at least one course in the civilization or culture of the country whose language is being studied, plus additional courses in Asian Studies to total 10 credits.

Study Abroad and Transfer Credit

Asian Studies Minors are encouraged to immerse themselves in their primary Asian language of study and deepen their perspective on the culture through study abroad.  At least 9 credits toward the minor must be completed at SUNY New Paltz. Students earning more than 9 credits in study abroad may choose to convert their Minor into a Major in Asian Studies. For more details, visit our Overseas Study page, and our Planning Tips for Study Abroad page. 

Minimum Grade Requirement

Asian Studies minors must receive no less than a C- in any course applied to the plan of study.

Applying to Graduate

When , students meet with their Asian Studies faculty advisor to review and approve their completed Asian Studies Minor plan of study.