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The following tips are provided to help students prepare for study abroad.

1. Applications, Admissions, Visas

For guidance on these processes, students should consult with the Center for International Programs in the Guest House. Students should also familiarize themselves with the full range of SUNY overseas programs available for the country of interest. Note that application deadlines vary, and may require completion some 6-10 months prior to the planned departure.

2. Financial Planning & Scholarships

Students may consult with the Center for International Programs and the Office of Financial Aid for information, eligibility, and applications.

3. Academic Planning for Study Abroad

Students meet early on with their faculty advisor(s) in Asian Studies (and any other major or minor under consideration), to plan for study abroad in coordination with the requirements for the major, minor, and graduation.

4. Course Registration & Transfer Credits

Before registering and departing for study abroad, students consult with their faculty advisors on specific courses that will be taken, to ensure that these courses are transferable and meet major/minor/ graduation requirements. For students taking coursework at overseas institutions that have a direct relationship with SUNY New Paltz, credits will be transferred automatically. Students attending other institutions should make the following preparations:
1. Before registration for overseas courses, obtain a Transfer of Credit Application (available from Records and Registration), and review overseas course offerings.
2. The student meets with his/her SUNY New Paltz faculty advisor to complete the form. The student then submits this form to the Records and Registration office in HAB 19.
3. Upon return and receipt of transcript, the student completes an updated form with his/her SUNY New Paltz faculty advisor, reflecting accurately the courses taken and credits received, and the student submits this form to the Records and Registration office in HAB 19.

5. Fulfilling College Requirements

Students should note the following college requirements as they plan for study abroad:

Upper Division Requirement
While planning for study abroad, students should note the level of all courses they have already taken and plan to take, to ensure timely fulfillment of the college requirement that students take at least 45 credits in upper-division courses (ie. courses at 300-level or higher). Questions about this requirement should be directed to the faculty advisor.

General Education Requirements
Students should plan to fulfill General Education requirements before or after studying abroad, as courses taken overseas rarely fulfill GE requirements. Any questions regarding General Education and Study Abroad should be directed to the Student Advising Office in SUB 203.

Last Semester Requirement
During the final semester before graduation, students are required take courses at SUNY New Paltz. Questions about this requirement should be directed to the Student Advising Office in SUB 203.

6. Transcripts

Students consult their college progress report to determine whether transfer credits have been applied. Questions about whether transcripts have been issued or received should be directed to the overseas institution and the Records and Registration office in HAB 19. Note that overseas institutions may issue transcripts on a different cycle from New Paltz transcripts, so transferred courses may appear later than expected.

7. Graduation Applications

Students expecting to graduate in the semester following their return from study abroad should plan to contact their faculty advisor(s) to prepare the graduation application and major plan approvals according to the following timetable:

For graduation in: Contact faculty advisor well before: Submit forms to Records and Registration by:
May: November 15 December *
December: May 1 (before finals & summer break)
July *
August: April 15 (before finals & summer break) May *

Graduation application due dates vary each year. The college is firm about these deadlines, so students should consult the Registrar for graduation information and specific due dates, and note whether the overseas institution will have issued its transcripts before or after the deadline.

8. Further Information

For more information on opportunities in overseas study, graduate studies, and career options, visit Asia Connection.