If you have filed the appropriate application, you will be automatically packaged with any of the below-mentioned grants that you are eligible for. 

Pell Grant

TAP Grant

Estimated TAP Grant





Out-of-State Grants



The Federal Pell program provides assistance in the form of a grant to matriculated undergraduate students who have not earned a prior undergraduate degree.  In Fall of 2011, 31% of all undergraduates at New Paltz received a Pell Grant. 

Pell eligibility is determined by the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated from the information provided on the FAFSA. The 2015-2016 awards range from $626 to $5775 for full-time enrollment for two semesters. The amount of the Pell Grant may be prorated based on a students’ enrollment status. Students may not receive Pell Grant funds from more than one school at a time.

Year Round Pell provisions ended at the conclusion of the 2010-11 award year. Students will no longer be able to receive a Second Pell Grant in one award year as of 2011-12. 

Students who are eligible to receive a Pell Grant for the summer session will in most cases see a reduction in the amount of the Pell Grant for the following spring semester.

Students who are eligible for a refund from the Pell Grant may make arrangements with the Office of Student Accounts for a credit (Hawk Dollars) for the purchase of books. 

As of July 1, 2012, all students are limited to receive Pell for a maximum equivalent of twelve full time semesters or six years, inclusive of any prior years.  View the details of the new regulations here: Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility.

Pell eligible students whose parent or guardian died as a result of military service in Iraq or Afghanistan after September 11, 2001 will receive the maximum award amount for the year. You must be under 24 years old and enrolled at least part-time at the time of your parent's or guardian's death.


TAP (Tuition Assistance Program)

TAP is a New York State grant entitlement program for residents of the State. Applicants must be enrolled in at least 12 credits per semester and matriculated in an approved New York State postsecondary program. Awards range from $500 to $5,000 for undergraduates. A FAFSA must be filed first in order to receive the TAP application link online. File for TAP each year as soon as possible after April 1 with the New York State Higher Education Services Corporation in Albany. The TAP application is also used to apply for other New York State grant programs and scholarship awards. 

Visit the HESC website for additional information on TAP. 


Estimated TAP Grant

Does your award package include an ESTIMATED TAP GRANT?  If NYS HESC does not provide The New Paltz Financial Aid Office with an actual TAP grant amount for you,  an estimate will appear in your aid package instead.  Estimated TAP grants indicate that action is required on your part.  

Why is my TAP estimated?  It could be because one of the following.... 

1. You have not completed the Express TAP Application (ETA). If you wish to be considered for a TAP grant, you must first complete the ETA online at Duplicate forms may be obtained online at or by calling (888) NYS-HESC.


 2. You have not responded to a request for additional information from NYSHESC regarding your ETA. If you have questions, contact HESC at (888) NYS-HESC.


3. You need to change the college code to SUNY New Paltz 0925 at


STEM Incentive Program

The NYS STEM Incentive Program provides a full SUNY or CUNY tuition scholarship for the top 10 percent of students in each New York State high school if they pursue a STEM degree (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in an associates or bachelor degree program and agree to work in a STEM field in New York State for 5 years after graduation. View our flyer here: SUNY STEM flyer 

IMPORTANT- All award monies received shall convert to a 10-year student loan plus interest for recipients who fail to meet the statutory, regulatory, contractual, administrative or other requirements of this program.

More information on this program and how to apply can be found at hesc:


New York State Aid for Part‑Time Study (APTS)

APTS is a New York State tuition assistance program for matriculated undergraduate students enrolled 3 to 11 credits per semester.  Applicants will need to complete and submit the APTS application with a signed copy of their prior year New York State tax return.

View these HESC links for more APTS information:

Student TAP Coach - Aid for Part-Time Study

Aid for Part-Time Study


FSEOG (Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Program Grant)

FSEOG is a federal grant awarded by the college to matriculated undergraduate students with exceptional need. It is a Campus Based program and the awards may range from $100 to $4,000 per year, depending on funding. A student may receive FSEOG for the period required to complete a first baccalaureate degree. The FAFSA is used to apply.


EOP Grant (Educational Opportunity Program)

EOP is a grant program for New York State residents who are admitted to the college through the Educational Opportunity Program at the beginning of their postsecondary study.  Students must be full‑time matriculated undergraduates. Awards are based on need and may range up to $2,800 per year. The FAFSA is used to apply.

See the Admissions section under EOP for more information at:


Out-of State Grants

If you are considered an out-of-state resident or are from another state other than New York, you should check with your state higher education agency for sources of information about any grant and financial assistance that may be available to you.