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P grade option

In consideration of extraordinary circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, SUNY New Paltz is offering a pass/fail grading option for spring 2020.

This option is available for spring 2020 letter graded courses with a D grade or higher. The course(s) can be used to meet degree or major requirements in the same manner as the letter graded course. This option is not be available for D-, F, S or U grades. P grades may not apply to courses required for certain accredited programs. Students are encouraged to discuss this option with their advisors after courses are graded.

TO ELECT THE P GRADE: (1) We strongly encourage students to read these FAQs. (2) Download this P grade option form and use one form per each P grade request. (3) Follow instructions on the form to submit to Records & Registration 


Who is eligible to switch to pass fail grading for courses?

How do I choose pass/fail grading?

What classes can I take pass/fail?

How does pass/fail grading work?

What grade will show on my transcript for pass/fail courses?

Does earning a P fulfill a prerequisite for a future course that requires a minimum grade?

Does earning a P fulfill major, minor and or degree requirements such as GE, WI or DIVR?

Does the pass/fail option affect my grade point average (GPA)?

Will Pass/Fail grading affect my eligibility for the Dean’s List and Latin Honors?

How does pass/fail grading affect repeat grade option?

Does P/F affect transferred courses?

How does the S/U and P/F options differ? Which is better for my situation?

Will the pass/fail grading affect my financial aid?

Will my financial aid be affected if I withdraw from a course or courses?

Will opting for pass/fail affect my GI Bill®?

Will pass/fail grades be used for programs that have accreditation/certification requirements beyond the New Paltz degree?

If I elect the P and find out that I need a letter grade for application to a graduate or professional program, can I change my grade back?

I have an incomplete, can I still elect the P grade?